There are people who have a special halo and, although they are absolutely luminous beings in life, when they are no longer among us they almost become a divinity. Lady Di is one of those people with charm, with that I don’t know what what I know that made her an absolutely iconic woman for her time and that to this day she continues to be a benchmark for her.
Now, after more than two decades of her fatal accident, Lady DiShe continues to be that special and inspiring person from whom attitudes and, of course, outfits can be taken as a reference. Lady Di, absolute icon of fashion, is once again a trend, and not only because of the premiere of the fourth season of The Crown, where we can see her played by actress Emma Corrin, but also because this year one of her most popular garments has been reissued. iconic (and adorable): the sheep sweater .
It is not the first time that one of her outfits has made a star appearance again, nor is it the first time that brands are inspired by her when launching new proposals. His dresses have served as inspiration for firms like Zaraand even his most iconic jeans are back in style. Now, the brand that launched the sheep sweater with which Lady Di conquered us forty years ago is relaunching it (it hasn’t done so since 1994). Baptized as the black sheep sweater, you can find its low cost version at Zara.

The original version of the sheep sweater

In red, with a rounded neck and a fun sheep print (among which a black sheep stood out as a subliminal message from the princess), the sheep sweater was signed by the Warm&Wonderful brand . Automatically after Lady Di wore it, the sweater became an icon and many were the firms that took advantage of the pull to launch their own versions .
Donated in the late 1980s as one of Lady Di’s most iconic garments , the sheep sweater is currently in the Victoria and Albert Museum. But those in love with this sweater are in luck and they won’t have to go to the museum to see it, now they will be able to wear it thanks to the fact that the original firm is relaunching it.
Warm & Wonderful once again reissues this original and daring design worn by the Princess of Wales and is now available on the Rowing Blazers brand website. That is, by order, without the possibility of exchange or return, waiting for the occasional week (they do not assure you that it will arrive even for Christmas) and for 310 euros. But don’t worry, we have found the low cost version at Zara with which we can get rid of the thorn of the sheep sweater and not go bankrupt for it.

The sheep sweater, the two Zara versions

Now Zara launches its own reinterpretation of the design in two models , both for less than 30 euros. Both sweaters are absolutely adorable, but they do have one catch: they’re missing the black sheep that made Lady Di’s sweater so iconic. Even so, the Inditex proposals have also made us fall in love.
The first proposal is a crew neck, in blue with camel sheep, a naive touch that makes the sweater a very trendy garment. You don’t have to wait for Christmas to wear it, you can now wear it with jeans and give it a chic touch by adding a detachable bobo collar. The jersey is available in sizes from S to M and is priced at 25.95 euros.
The second version is warmer, in shades of brown and with a high neck that fastens with buttons. It also does not have a black sheep, rather white and brown sheep alternate throughout the sweater. Its price is 29.95 euros and there are also sizes from S to L.

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