The House of the Province has hosted the official presentation of the sixth edition of the Living Nativity Scene of Sanlucar la Mayor , which this year includes important novelties. The most significant will be the recreation of the Fields of Judea . For this, the organization of the Bethlehem, in charge of the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial, has carried out an intense work throughout the year.
To give shape to these passages in which the Virgin, still pregnant, and Saint Joseph, crossed various places until they reached the town of Belen, various works and actions have had to be carried out, such as water pipes, constructions, bridges , leveling of land and creation of trails, among other elements.
The public will be able to go through all these places so profusely popularly recreated through Christmas carols , stories and even some collected in the Christian tradition.
The passage through a river, which will be born from a great waterfall ; the bridges, the activities of grazing and agriculture and industry, as well as the inn in which San Jose asked for shelter or the camp of the Magi, will be just some of the scenes that can be enjoyed.
in the presentationThe mayor of Sanlucar la Mayor, Eustaquio Castano; the older brother of the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial, Jose Antonio Marquez; the Provincial Deputy for Culture, Alejandro Moyano; the delegate of Major Festivals, Jesus Cutino; the delegate of Culture, Juan Salado, and the delegate of Communication, Carmen Saez.
Everyone was invited to experience an event in which the entire town of Sanlucar la Mayor is involved, and which will take place on December 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14 and 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Ticket reservations can be made by calling 680 887 975. Tickets will cost 3 euros .

700 linear meters of decorations of the Living Nativity In addition, anitinerary

has been designedwhere the historical, monumental and natural resources of the area will be shown. In this way, some paths will lead to the foot of the best preserved sections of the Almohad wall that surrounded Sanlucar in the 12th century, which at nightfall, thanks to the collaboration of the City Council, will be illuminated in different sections as well as the bell tower of the Church of San Pedro, inside which various scenes will take place, such as Herod’s Palace, the Sanhedrin Trials or life in a Roman fortification or castrum.
Likewise, a viewpoint towards the ravine has been created, a geographical accident that begins at the foot of the enclosure to extend, with its three large gorges, towards the banks of the Guadiamar river. From this position, the views of the sunsets let you see the different colors and lights of the sunset.
With regard to the town of Belen, this year the network of streets has been expanded, reaching more than 700 linear meters of decorations . The more than 400 extras with whom this event will count again, will recreate the typical scenes of the life of Belen.
A team of researchers, with the advice of historians, have been formulating the different scenes in which visitors could interact. In addition to those that have already been carried out in previous editions, this year some more will be recreated, such as the sale of slaves or the activity of merchants. A new nativity scene will also premiere , much larger than last year’s, and where the public will be able to comfortably see the Holy Family, which will be embodied by families from SanlĂșcar with their newborn children.
The group of people that will continue to grow will be the Roman Guard , which this year will have more soldiers and more Roman chariots and chariots, which will be pulled by horses.
This year, the organization will carry out entertainment activities in the street, while the public waits to enter the nativity scene, where different choirs of bell ringers and artists will also sing in different corners and locations.

Grand parade for the inauguration

For this edition, and after the visit last year of more than 42,000 people , the brotherhood has considerably expanded the number of square meters and days, so that visitors will see the different passages more comfortably.
The first day, as is tradition, will have the incentive of the great paradethrough the streets of the historic center of the town. The parade will leave at 16:30 from the Plaza de San Pedro, to arrive an hour later at the same point, after which the inauguration of the Living Nativity will take place.
According to the organizing committee, the sale of tickets to see the Living Nativity Scene is already underway, having already arranged various buses from different locations in Spain that will once again enjoy the nativity scene.

The Brotherhood of the Holy Burial and the coronation

The Brotherhood of the Holy Burialis experiencing very special events that will be held imminently. Such is the case of the Coronation of her Titular Mariana, the Virgen de las Angustias, who will be Canonically Crowned next September 12. Likewise, during 2020, the second centenary of the Christ of the Descent will be celebrated, carved by Juan de Astorga, and for which various acts are also being prepared.
One of the issues that will further enhance the brotherhood will be the realization of social initiatives, focused on charity, as a work of the coronation . The Living Bethlehem will already wink at this social activity.

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