Reductio ad unum. The line of the Carroccio and that dictated by Matteo Salvini , which captures the unanimous approval of the federal council. Giancarlo Giorgetti re-enters the ranks. It is a truce, which however denounces a weakness that reverberates on the different visions of the European positioning. The number two of the Carroccio had hoped for the party to bring the party closer to the ranks of the Popular Party. For Salvini “it is unthinkable”. Indeed, the other day the Northern League secretary participated in a videoconference with the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and with the Hungarian Viktor Orban . It is evident that this choice of field corroborates even more the same feeling between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy. And Forza Italia, as it stands
“We are the center of the center-right. Each has its own sensitivities: European positions do not affect the internal relations of the coalition ”. To say so and the former president of the European Parliament and force coordinator Antonio Tajani . He stated that he “does not want to enter into the merits of the debates that arise within the allies”. On the positions expressed by Salvini regarding the European chessboard, the blue cuts short: “No wonder. It was taken for granted that the leader of the Northern League would express himself in these terms on the EPP ”. But Forza Italia keeps the bar straight: “We are the Popular Party, because we share its values ​​and demands”. But with the conservatives “we have always gotten along,” Tajani points out, as if to prevent the insinuation of further rifts.
“The step forward – he says – and the will, declared by the League, to leave aside the members of the German Afd”. The proposal of the leader of the Northern League is to create, at European level, a new group in which to gather the deputies who today sit in the ranks of Identity and Democracy and those of the Conservatives. Given that Salvini denounces an intrinsic weakness of the EPP, it is not entirely obvious that any entry of the Northern League would be welcomed with enthusiasm. “Our doors are open – says Tajani – but to join the EPP we need to make a path. For the League, I don’t think it’s on the agenda “. Tomorrow “we’ll see”. Returning to the split in the Lega home, the Forza Italia coordinator is convinced that “this is a normal confrontation.
It can also be. The fact is that two important steps lie ahead in the political agenda. The first – on the European front – and that of the election of the president of the Brussels Parliament in a couple of months. Remaining in Italy, the strategy for the succession of Sergio Mattarella al Colle has to be planned. “I think Mario Draghi should stay at Palazzo Chigi – Tajani says -. Also because, if he were to go up to the Quirinale, it would mean going to early elections “. In such a delicate moment “it would not suit anyone”. Then, Draghi in government “and the only one able to manage the projects to be nominated for funds from the NRP. In addition to being a guarantee element capable of holding together a very heterogeneous majority “.
We just have to “Silvio Berlusconi: an authoritative figure, the longest-serving prime minister and a leader who is also appreciated on a European scale”. But don’t call him a “flag candidate”. Unless it’s the Tricolore.

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