One of the main reasons why we usually cut our hair in summer (besides because a change of summer look is always a good idea) is because we want to get a hair with more volume , especially girls with fine hair. In addition to resorting to the hair repairer of the moment or betting on the most comfortable and easy to do summer hairstyles, girls with fine hair look for that layered haircut with which to achieve volume. We know that the wicks with which to lighten the hair can be the great allies when it comes to achieving that volume that we crave so much, but nothing better than a good layered haircut to show off your long hair .
Historically, layered haircuts have always been the best option when it comes to achieving voluminous hair , which is why we girls with fine hair are flocking to the hairdresser to get the most voluminous haircut of the summer . From the top 70s shaggy, to the micro-layered clavicut, to the parted mid-length , these are some of the layered haircuts for volume that are sweeping this summer among girls with fine hair .
In addition to being the best allies when it comes to getting volume, the haircuts that we present to you are perfect for spending the whole summer without combing your hair., enjoying the pleasure of letting us dry our hair in the fresh air without worrying about what the final result will be. Pay attention to the layered haircuts to get volume that are sweeping this summer , sign the one you like the most and run to the hairdresser.

Clavicut weathered haircut to get volume

We have already talked about the clavicut, which is nothing more than a haircut at the level of the collarbone (hence its name) that favors all types of faces and hair . In the case of fine hair, the clavicut presents its version with small layersthat, once again, give volume to the less voluminous of the hair. This type of haircut also lends itself to betting on broken waves with which to gain extra volume .

Shaggy haircut, the 70’s layers to get volume

The shaggy haircut is one of the most nostalgic. Super trendy in the 70s , the shaggy is a medium length (we can play with the length that most interests us) with very small layers that give volume to the upper part of the hair. In addition, since the layers are quite paraded, that volume is accompanied by a lot of movement . Go for a curtain fringe if you still want to add more volume to the top.

Bob Haircut with Small Layers for Volume

With a jaw- length length , the bob haircut features small layers that add volume and movement to the hair. If you have fine hair and you like to wear short hair, go for this haircut. By including the small layers , the bob haircut makes the hair gain movement and appear much more voluminous . A haircut of ten.

Long bob haircut with micro layers for volume

The classic bob features a single layer and what fine hair needs is to create texture through the layers . But that is not a problem. You can always go for a long bob withmicrolayers and subtle caramel highlights achieve a very stylish and flattering haircut without sacrificing volume. In addition, this reinterpretation of the bob does not require you to have your hair polished, so it is very comfortable and practical .

Medium-length haircut paraded to achieve volume

Medium-length hair gives a lot of play and is a very current trend because it brings freshness and rejuvenates any face. But those of us who have fine hair should opt for half-length hair with a trick . To get fine hair to have a lot of volume with a medium length of hair, you only have to parade a few strands. By parading them, the mane will lose weight and that will help the root area to gain volume.

Haircut with long layers to achieve volume

As in other proposals, the layers become the great allies of XXL hair that needs extra volume. You should know that the longer our hair is, the greater its weight, so styling it and parading it will help make it lighter and thus gain volume . In addition to long layers, you can bet on highlights that provide light , create textures and help further enhance the volume effect.

Haircut with bangs to get volume
The best trick to get extra volume, whether or not you want to cut your hair, is to wear a fringe. Paraded, curtain and slightly polished, the bangs are perfect to achieve the visual effect of a mane with volume . By framing the face in this casual way, it will seem that our hair has more body . As it is the shortest part of the hair, it will weigh much less and will give it lightness.

Very paraded haircut in a maxi mane to achieve volume

In addition to the layers, as we have previously commented, parading this type of mane to make them much lighter is key . One aspect to keep in mind is to parade the front part, especially the bangs ., so that the strands in that area become lighter and gain volume and movement.

How to get volume in fine hair

Before we begin to see what layered haircuts to get volume are sweeping this summer, we are going to give you a series of recommendations to get extra volume in those fine hair.
Unravel before washing.
Always use specific washing lines that enhance volume.
Straight hairs tend to be more fatty, so you have to keep fat at bay. Use a dry shampoo.
Fine hair needs warm-hot water because it gives it more texture and thickens it slightly.
Do the last rinse with your head down and dry your hair wrapped in a towel as a turban.
During drying, try to detach the hair from the root and scalp to give it more volume.
Bet on layered cuts. They are great for thin hair, because they create volume and movement.
Dark tones and colors always give an impression of more hair.

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