The kitchen with island is a significant piece of furniture of our time, which reflects the changing spaces and living habits of contemporary society. Once the kitchen, dining room and living room were separate areas. Larger houses with larger families were inhabited. Today most of the population is concentrated in the city and the space available is increasingly limited. There is a growing need to equip the areas of one’s home in the best possible way to exploit them effectively.
The kitchen with island responds to this need and at the same time is representative of the union between the place where you cook, the place where you eat and the place where you converse. In this article we will talk about the advantages of island kitchens and give useful tips on how to choose the right model:

  • The kitchen with island in an open space
  • The kitchen with island in an open space: some tricks
  • The floor for a kitchen with an island
  • Modern kitchens with island: an opportunity to take advantage of niches
  • Small kitchens with island
  • Kitchens with island: a trendy choice
  • Kitchen with island: a wide range of models for every price range

The kitchen with island in an open space
The type of apartment that best suits a kitchen with island and open space, where different environments merge, creating a large united space , but divided by several well-localized functions. In this sense, the solution of the kitchen with island lends itself to effectively identifying a space dedicated to the art of making food. Preparing a delicacy becomes an exhibited activity, which is carried out under the eyes of the guests.
The kitchen with an island is not for everyone. It is necessary to be able to stand up to the looks of others, while taking on the role of an experienced cook or a bungler, improvised, but with a lot of good will. You need to be able to pay attention to ingredients and cooking times while chatting with relatives and friends. Concentration and recklessness are necessary.
The kitchen with island in an open space can include a sink, stove and dishwasher. The models integrated in this way are the larger ones, suitable for fairly consistent sizes. Concentrating the sink, stove and dishwasher on the island has some advantages. First of all and the multiplication of the volume of containers that remain free from household appliances . In fact, the wall units close to the walls and the drawers can be filled at will with dishes, food products and all that is needed in an equipped kitchen .
Placing the stove on the island prevents the wall from getting dirty when cooking. Pans with oil are a terrible weapon against house cleaning. A moment of distraction is enough for patches of oil and tomato to appear on the wall behind the fires. With a kitchen with an island in an open space, the inconvenience is averted and tidying up after cooking will be faster and easier. The kitchen with island in an open space: some tricks
A kitchen with islandfor an open space environment it needs the right space to be enjoyed and exploited to the full. In fact, while cooking and tidying up you have to be comfortable. The distances between each module of the composition must be the right ones so as not to interfere with the normal activities of daily life.
Around the central kitchen module 100 – 120 cm must be left free, at least on the long sides. By maintaining these proportions it will be possible to cook, load and empty the dishwasher, take objects from the containers and carry out the rearrangement and cleaning operations in complete tranquility, without squeezing like sardines or writhing like an eel.
Before buying a kitchen with an island, make sure that the connections for the water pipes and those for electricity can be moved to the central part of the room corresponding to the point where the module with sinks, burners and dishwasher will then be mounted. If the move is not possible, there is the alternative of installing induction cookers on the island , but in this case it is necessary to obtain a battery of suitable pans.
Above the island, where the burners are inserted, a suspended hood must be mounted to which it is good to integrate a lighting system, for example with LED spotlights. The hoodIt is important to ensure proper ventilation and to limit the spread of unpleasant odors as much as possible. To install the hood, a hole must be made in the ceiling with a diameter of 15 cm.
The lighting integrated into the hood is a functional solution because it effectively responds to the need for sufficient light while preparing food. At the same time, a suspended hood with LED spotlights can represent a piece of furniture with a strong visual impact, giving elegance and majesty to the whole The floor for a kitchen with island
The need to move the water and electricity connections to assemble a kitchen with island means that the tiles have to be removed and the pipes changed.floor for the area affected by the kitchen with island. The modifications to the system and the construction of a new roof are interventions of a certain weight, which also require a certain economic commitment.
The positive aspect, which counterbalances the effort, and that combining the floor suitable for the kitchen with island allows you to obtain a harmonious or dissonant overall effect, just as you wish. Furthermore, the new floor will clearly identify the kitchen area, approaching the covering of the rest of the room, giving life to a game of integrations and subdivisions of space and functionality. Modern kitchens with island: an opportunity to take advantage of niches
Kitchens with an island are in themselves a modern piece of furniture, characteristic of today’s apartments, where the kitchen, dining room and living room are integrated into a single space. Despite this, every kitchen with island is a world apart and can be interpreted through a large variety of different styles.
Modern kitchens with island are characterized by column cabinets that fit into the walls, rather than lean against them. Built-in refrigerators are typical of modern kitchens with an island, which do not stand out from the rest of the vertical kitchen surface. To assemble a modern kitchen with an island in your home, you must therefore take advantage of all the niches on the walls. If you don’t have suitable recesses, you can create suitable niches using drywall.
The result is a homogeneous wall , which does not have solutions of continuity, in which the presence of containers and appliances is disguised to determine the smallest possible visual encumbrance. Small kitchens with island
Kitchens with islandthey generally require quite large spaces. But there are models that are also suitable for small houses. In these cases the island can simply constitute an additional work surface, with a part dedicated to performing the function of a counter, where you can dine, in two or three people, sitting on high stools. Or only the stove or the sink can be placed on the island.
The small kitchens with island that adapt to small-sized houses allow you to effectively differentiate the space, giving life to dynamic lines and shapes in the furniture as a whole. Kitchens with island: a trendy choice
Kitchens with islandtoday they are one of the most requested models on the market and more and more people are choosing this type of solution to furnish their living area. The strong point of every kitchen with island is certainly its configuration, which at first glance is immediately able to communicate a sense of welcome and conviviality. Whether it is to furnish a space used exclusively for the kitchen or an open space, this furniture offers a large number of variants with one exception: the island as the protagonist of the space. Kitchen with island: a wide range of models for every price range
The demand for modern kitchens with islandover time it has undergone a huge increase and the most important brands in the sector have created collections of kitchens with an island capable of satisfying a growing clientele that is always very attentive and demanding. Today’s market offers kitchens in this specific type in the most varied price ranges. It starts from exclusive and precious models up to kitchens with more affordable costs. Moreover, it is also possible to buy a design kitchen island at reduced costs, so before proceeding with the purchase it is always advisable to carry out careful research to find the perfect kitchen of your dreams, both for aesthetics and functionality and for price.

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