“When does the interview come out
” He asks for his mother to read it in El Puerto de Santa Maria, where he lives. Emilia Landaluce (Madrid, 1981) has a deep relationship with Jerez. Head of La Otra Cronica, the section of El Mundo for social affairs and tabloids, she also writes political information and opinion columns. He boasts of friendship with Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo. I pass by the Casa de los Poetas de Sevilla for the Neones colloquium of the society chronicle.
–Madrilena of Andalusian roots. Do you understand that in the periphery we are up to the hat of the Villa and Corte
-Of course. Just as I understand the anger of farmers and people in rural areas when urbanites don’t stop talking and deciding about how to live in the countryside. But, come on, in Madrid and Barcelona we could also talk about the monopoly of Pantoja and her offspring over other celebrities.
–Did your contemporary columnists reproach you for the article where you laughed at your elderly fatherhood and described them as “children with beards”
-The common place for a male columnist is what changes life with the first child. Suddenly they have to give up video games and drinking with their buddies to change diapers. A woman has never written such obvious things because they take for granted what it means to have a child. Although now it has become fashionable to say how shitty it is, but how nice it is to give birth… If I thaw my eggs, I will decide if I succumb to vulgarity.
–Is it the muse of the right
Conservatives die with you…
–It’s reciprocal. The right is my muse and what inspires me the most because it is the main of my efforts. And, of course, I feel flattered although I don’t know if it’s true. Surely the right leaves me for Ana Soria.
“She was in a coma after falling down the stairs a year ago. What an opportunity wasted to say that she felt the secular hand of machismo pushing her…!
-It was not machismo but looking at social networks that made me fall. So I take the opportunity to blame Jack Dorsey, owner of Twitter, because without having an account I started looking at something they sent me and… I fell. When I woke up from the coma my head was lost due to edema. There I realized the fragility of the brain and character despite what I had read about neuroscience. Imagine that I wake up following Irene Montero…
–The polysemy of self-determination: from the infulas of the independentistas to the Trans law of Podemos. any reflection
-I quote Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo -she is a very good friend and companion in being a muse of the right-, it is an identity issue. The failure of the class struggle of the left (the workers also vote for the right) has caused it to be replaced by the struggle for identity. It doesn’t matter if it’s Catalan nationalism or queer activism. There is 0.5% of transsexuals and I think anyone is against them suffering any discrimination and their ability to be happy being curtailed… Another thing is that Lidia Valentin could never compete with a trans weightlifter. It would be unfair. Why are they not going to be able to criticize aspects of Montero’s law
Another thing is the intention to polarize. Something that affects 0.5% divides 100% of society.
“Sanchez has eaten Iglesias and has shown how chaste (not chaste) he is”
– He wrote We are not fachas, we are Spanish. What are Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias
Sanchez has eaten Iglesias and has shown how chaste (not chaste) he is. We will see if Iglesias does not sign the pension reform to be able to keep what he likes most: being a kind of Brezhnev arriving with the motorcyclists and the escort. Sanchez is an opportunist, cold and amoral. That’s a lot better than immoral.
–He says: “Not thinking left-wing costs a lot of money.” Do I join CCOO to lead a comfortable life
-Look at how calm the entrenched trade unionists were after the seafood platter. Being on the left will even be on the right, as the reforms that the Government will have to make at the request of Brussels will prove.
–Is the PP right wing cowardly

–No, at the national level I would say that it is the right wing little sexy. Another thing is that the communities are doing well, as my presidents Diaz Ayuso and Moreno Bonilla prove.
–Criticizes the moral authority of the left and the pro-independence supremacism. Is there a cure

Let’s get worse, the moral superiority of the left has led to identity madness in which feelings outweigh reason.
– He covered the 1-0 in Gerona, hostile territory for Spanish and not kind to his newspaper. Did they shake her or was she incognito
-They rebuked Cayetana because we went to the town of Puigdemont, where we saw a wonderful intervention by the National Police. One carefully picked up a little boy whose father was using him as a shield to protect the entrance to the school where the polls were.
– Monarchist from head to toe. Any advice for Felipe VI

That the Crown not accommodate the likes of Pablo Iglesias. More pageantry is needed, ermines, rolls… The Monarchy has been devalued for being too human, with its weaknesses, its defects. You must recover the mystery. Or rather: teach the mystery.–
Valery Giscard d’Estaing, whom you knew, was a good amateur tennis player. The grudge against Spain, was it because he sensed that Nadal was going to win Roland Garros a thousand times
–Giscard did not hate Spain; It was only French.
-He handles himself with ease in political journalism and in the pink press. Would you moderate a face to face between Echenique and Paquirrin
– Sure, although I don’t know if they would have something to say. Echenique puts right and left in agreement. They all have a certain dislike for him.
–He wrote a biography of Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, father of Cayetana de Alba. Brilliant diplomat, friend of Churchill, visitor to the courts of Queen Victoria and Tsar Nicholas II. How the lineage has been spoiled in two generations, right

-No way. The new duke and his sons are well aware of their responsibility to history. Rather, everything else has been devalued.
–The mayor of Algeciras (Jose Ignacio) and the president of the Port Authority of his bay (Gerardo) are brothers and their surname is Landaluce. Ask for that mouth: what job would you like to do in the Campo de Gibraltar
– We’re not family, really. I offer to play the role of mona.

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