The spectators of the second semifinal of Eurovision will be able to see tonight a preview of I’m going to stay, the song by Blas Canto that represents TVE and that has risen slightly in the appraisals of the bookmakers although it will be at the bottom in the votes of this Saturday, with the final gala.
The semifinal from Rotterdam starts at nine o’clock at night, after the party that marked the return of the performances, and despite the security measures, 10,000 previous tests and a reduced capacity (3,500 live followers) that is far from other years . Despite the pandemic, Eurovision resumes its essence although for today’s semifinal it will live the anecdote of a confined formation, so it will not be on stage at the Dutch Ahoy, but with a performance recorded on May 13.
The aggressive band Dadi & Gagnamagnid, one of the favorites to make the cut tonight, has stayed at the hotel due to a positive among the musicians of the Icelandic delegation. They must remain in quarantine and if they go to the final, they will not be present with the rest of the participants either, although they had even been vaccinated before traveling.
Bulgaria, rehearsal at Eurovision 2021
Among the favorites of this Thursday’s semifinal is the Swiss song, The Whole Universe, by Gjon’s Tears. Bulgaria must also be taken into account, with Victoria, and with the song translated into Spanish Growing up is growing old. The gala opens with another of the highlights, San Marino, with Senhit,and his brotherhood reminiscences for the staging of Adrenalina. Rapper Flo Rida joins the performance. The Spanish votes can go today to Portugal, with Black Mamba, who in the final would be in the middle of the table.

Today’s gala

The 2. 21.00. You can vote Spain.
In bold, today’s favorites

1 San Marino: Senhot. ‘Adrenaline’

2 Estonia: Uku Suviste ‘The Fortunate’
3 Czechia: Benny Cristo ‘Omaga’
4 Greece: Stefania ‘Last Dance’
5 Austria: Vincent Bueno ‘Amen’
6 Poland: RAFAL ‘The Ride’
7 Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – ‘Sugar’

8 Iceland: Dadi Freyr og Gagnamagnid ’10 years’

9 Serbia: Hurricane, ‘Loco Loco’
10 Georgia: Tornike Kipiani, ‘You’
11 Albania: Anxhela Peristeri – ‘Karma’

12 Portugal: The Black Mamba ‘Love Is On My Side’

13 Bulgaria: Victoria ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’

14 Finland: Blind Channel ‘Dark Side’
15 Latvia: Samanta Tina ‘The moon is rising’

16 Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears ‘The Whole Universe’

17 Denmark: Fyr og Flamme – ‘Practicing on each other’

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