The judicial journey of the former Betis footballer Ruben Castro does not end : in 2017 he was acquitted of mistreating his ex-partner but next July 5 he will be tried for breaching the restraining order and following her through three beach bars in Conil to talk about the criminal complaint that had been filed.
On this occasion, the Prosecutor’s Office asks for nine months in prison and the private prosecution of his former partner for two years and three months in prison and the payment of a thousand euros in compensation.
In his indictment, to which this newspaper had access, he explains that the events occurred in the summer of 2014, when the complaint of ill-treatment was being investigated and the footballer had a restraining order more than 300 meters away and a prohibition on communication. with Laura MP
The woman was at an event in a beach bar in Conil when Ruben Castro arrived and “when he saw Laura, he did not leave the place but went to a private room”. The young woman remained distant and then changed the beach bar, but Ruben Castro also appeared in that place and asked a third person to approach the friend who was with the young woman at the time “and ask him to mediate so he could talk to her.” .
The friend forwarded the request and the woman refused to talk to Ruben.
Later, in a third beach bar where the complainant was, Ruben also appeared and told the friend that he “wanted to talk to Laura and to pass on the message to her.” The woman “refused on several occasions to talk to him” , despite which the soccer player approached her, took her arm, pulled her to retire to a secluded place and there “was reproaching her for having told all her life in the other criminal proceeding”.
He also criticized her “how she was dressed and that she was wearing a boy’s cap”, according to the private accusation. In his letter, he understands that the soccer player not only failed to comply with the prohibition of approaching less than 300 meters but also that of “communicating by any means” on three occasions, two of them by doing so through interposed persons and another by speaking directly with her.

“Difference in social power” between the soccer player and the complainant

The accusation justifies the high sentence requested in which Ruben Castro took advantage of “his public character ” and did so with treachery. The young woman, with a great “difference in social power” with respect to the defendant, had filed a criminal complaint for mistreatment and needed “serenity of mind”, according to the accusation.
In that 2017 trial for habitual abuse and threats, the young woman’s lawyer asked for eight years and nine months in prison for the soccer player compared to four years for the Prosecutor’s Office.

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