Born in Matera, in the south of Italy, 58 years ago, his transalpine gallant bearing led him to the series Friends, after several years studying in Los Angeles. Cosimo Fusco is intertwined between Italy, France, the US and now Spain, since he has been under the orders of Alex de la Iglesia in 30 Coins, the HBO series that completed its first season just a few weeks ago. On television, he made his debut in one of the outstanding Italian series of the early 90s, La Piovra, and for HBO he also appeared in the super-production Roma. Participated in the biographical semblance of Coco Chanel in 2008 or in the movie Angels and Demons.

–You work on the series Friends, how do you remember your role as Paolo, Rachel’s Italian boyfriend
–It is a very vivid memory, it is part of my life, of my professional career, that of a young actor, of a boy who was in Hollywood dreaming and one day, without prior notice, he is at Warner Bros. working in the studio 5, the same number as Fellini’s favorite studio at Cinecitta.

–What was Jennifer Aniston like in those years

–Jennifer is a talented and natural actress. It was very easy to connect with her and that worked very well in the series. So much so that years later, I still like it.

–What, then, differentiated a filming in the USA from one in Europe
Have the distances of quality been shortened now

-What prevails is the budget and that makes a lot of difference, but also the cinematographic tradition. It is to be expected that a great movie with special effects, for example, will come more from the United States than from Europe. But this is also changing thanks to European directors who know how to sell themselves in international markets. The other difference is given by labor regulations and especially when it comes to projects protected by US unions, these tend to be much more binding than in Europe.

–Tell me about a moment lived in the back room of Friends.
-I loved that feeling of working with the cameras around you and with the public as if it were theater. It’s a unique feeling for an actor. In the episode of the famous phrase “I do Rachele…!”. Among the audience were my sister and her boyfriend who had come to see me in the US from Italy.

–And what about the experience of living the hell of 30 Coins, on HBO

–That hell has actually become a real paradise. Working with an impressive group of professionals, from my co-stars, technicians and under the direction of one of the greatest… What more could you ask for
“What I like most about Alex de la Iglesia is that he has a great sense of identity, you perfectly recognize its unmistakable mark”

-Has the coronavirus been thrown at us by the Evil One
–If we start to investigate, we will discover that once again it was the man and not the Evil One. I believe that if man is not careful, he runs the risk of becoming more evil than the devil himself.

–What is Alex de la Iglesia

–Talent overflows from all sides of him. What I like the most is that he has a great sign of identity, you perfectly recognize his unmistakable mark. It has been a great meeting for me to meet him. I owe him a lot.

–How do they put themselves in a situation in such a ‘satanic’ series

–I put myself in a mode of absolute freedom, fantastic, which allows me to explore other levels of interpretation.

–How is Italy now
What do your countrymen tell you

-We are reacting well, the pandemic was not easy in the first wave. After the summer everything got worse, but now I think we will go out again soon. Like all countries, we are waiting for the vaccination campaign to take effect.
“On gastronomy, I would say that I prefer pasta from Italy and meat from Spain combined with a good French wine”

–Italy is known for its gastronomy. But tell us honestly, which country has the best food in the world

Well, I think there is culinary globalization, and you can eat very well in many countries. In fact, I really like it when there is that kind of fusion between cuisines. In general, to look good too, I would say that I prefer pasta from Italy and meat from Spain combined with a good French wine.

–What Italian ingredient should we still discover the Spaniards of their land, especially to be more respectful with their gastronomy

–I am from the South, in my land we have a quite enviable tradition of artisanal pasta. Oh, the strascinate, the fusilli, the cavatelli. It is generally consumed with meat sauce, accompanied by grated salty ricotta. It’s the best to sum up Italian cuisine and do it like a local there.

-Prepare your favorite dish here.
–I would simply recommend making one of the pastas mentioned above with “peperoni cruschi di Senise” (pepperoni with two crisps, unique to this area of ​​Italy). It cannot be more simple. Yes, a real delight.

–Let us be a specialized guide for when we move again. Where would you take us to get to know an Italy outside the topics

–I would gladly take you to the Sassi of Matera, of course. It is my city. And it is one of the oldest human settlements in the world.

-Andalusians and Italians are not as far apart as the maps say.
–The south of Italy and Spain are geographically very similar regions but they have been linked historically for more than two thousand years. They are very close.

–Between Italians and Spaniards, are we brothers or rather cousins

–Of course we are brothers. In fact the French are our envious cousins… n’est pa
ha ha ha.

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