As a child in Tel Aviv, he learned to use a camera and later worked with local fishermen who taught him a skill that would later become a working tool: diving. He went to the United States after fighting in the Arab-Israeli war and there he began to photograph tourists while they were diving.

Dream fulfilled

Amos had a very particular dream: to be the first man to photograph a polar bear in the water . So he went to the Arctic and with the help of a local Inuit guide, he spotted a male polar bear and jumped into the water : ” You always need a very good guide and a lot of experiencebefore doing something like that, because there is the possibility of an accident,” he says in the interview.
The wind was pushing his boat away from Amos, while the polar bear was getting closer and closer . Amos had learned about these animals and he knew that they could not divemore than 10 meters deep because they are very heavy and have a lot of fat on their body and skin.

17 meters deep: “It was a drama. I could only see its paws, nose and snout. honestly scared me. When I reached 22 meters I looked up and instead of facing vertically the bear was more horizontal and swam at that level, he says.
When he returned to the surface the polar bear was not there. Despite being a fairly expensive trip, the photographer wanted to try again a few years later to achieve his dream. He got a budget of one million euros that would allow him to stay for 5 days. For four days he searched until he saw a mother bear with two cubs. It would be the first time that a polar bear with two cubs was photographed under these circumstances.
On this occasion, Amos went with a partner who would film the event. ” They were coming closer and closer and directly towards us. I looked at Adam and took the regulator out of my mouth and smiled and put the regulator back on and went down,” Amos recalls, clicking nonstop.

My crazy son

. Amos’ father didn’t have a good relationship with him . He didn’t understand. As his son wanted to dedicate himself to risking his life to photograph animals. For him, the ideal is that he would have married and had grandchildren. Amos admits that he has barely spoken to his father in his entire adult life . Unfortunately, his father passed away when He was on a trip.

Now, he only has to remember the words he said about him in his last documentary: ” My good boy, my crazy son and my hero . ” Amos visited the cemetery and took a photographpolar bear framed to place next to his grave and said, ” I have achieved something he didn’t think I could . I challenge myself to be the best I can be.”

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