Our body is a constantly changing machine and the first signs of aging can appear on the face even around the age of 35. The features begin to become more marked and the expressions more pronounced, the skin loses tone and elasticity.
These signs appear naturally as we age, but they can often appear earlier than expected due to an irregular lifestyle. Cigarettes or drug abuse affect facial tissues, as does emotional stress or poor sleep quality .This last factor in particular makes the accumulation of waste harmful to the skin of the face more likely, causing a change in the color of the dermis towards duller colors and making it easier for the formation of superficial wrinkles , which over time can become more obvious signs .

Collagen: what it is
The term derives from the Latin col et genmen, which literally means to produce glue. Collagen is nothing more than the “lime” that holds the tissues of our body together, from bones to muscles and skin. It is therefore a substance naturally produced by our body, as it is a fibrous protein essential for the sustenance of the structures ofconnective tissues in the human body. A fundamental substance in the production of collagen and in the renewal of new fibers is Vitamin C. The lack of this substance causes a serious disease that is scurvy, or the disintegration of the connective fibers of the organism and the consequent peeling of the skin and loss of teeth. It is therefore essential to take the right amount of Vitamin C, through foods such as cherries , blood oranges, citrus fruits and vegetables (including tomatoes, peppers and cabbage) or with the help of natural food supplements.

Marine Collagen Supplements
An important support for the skin is provided by marine collagen. A substance of natural origin rich in essential fatty acids , Omega 3 and proteins . An extract of animal origin that strengthens the skin tissues and counteracts the signs deriving from skin aging. There are natural supplements based on marine collagen on the market that help our body to keep the skin in full vitality. Being taken orally, marine collagen supplements are more effective than cosmetic products with external application.
Among all types of collagen, the most important for the skin is type I, as it facilitates the absorption of the amino acids necessary for its synthesis and with which the body is reconstituted. Furthermore, it has been shown that hydrolyzed collagen – used in supplements – is able to cross the intestinal barrier. The liquid formula of a drinkable supplement allows you to insert nutrients with higher dosages than tablets or capsules. Above all this quantity can be absorbed more easily by our organism and it is easier to digest.

The extra curiosity: a glass of wine a day gets rid of wrinkles!
Wine contains important antioxidants, including Resveratrol, a substance that is contained in the grape skin. In addition to having beneficial effects on the skin of the face, it stimulates the production of Collagen . The famous glass of wine at lunch that “makes good blood” hides its truths. Wine, drunk in moderation with meals, can help the body counteract the signs of aging. But be careful not to overdo it: as written before, in fact, the abuse of alcohol helps to accelerate the formation of wrinkles and skin imperfections.

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