“I will not stop until all of you are identified,” said former Big Brother contestant Carlota Prado . This statement has been issued at the same time that the victim published on his Twitter that the trial against the chain and all those involved already had an official date: next February 8 .
The young woman has published a series of posts in which she accuses members of Zeppelin TV , the show’s producer, for what happened the night her partner, inside GH’s house and under the gaze of the cameras , kept sexual relations with her while she was in a state of unconsciousness and for how they dealt with the matter later.
Carlota Prado posted the following message on her social network: “Next February 8 will begin what will be the Expected Judgment. I know perfectly well how this cheap Scum works so I’m going to cover myself in health by saying some things that are true about me “. Moved by the fear that the producer will exalt herself in a smear war against her person , the young woman has begun to break down false rumors on her Twitter that, at some point, haunted social networks and reached numerous viewers of the program.
I have not been a Narco, nor have I worked for any Mafia. I have never prostituted myself. I have never been a drug addict. I have never killed anyone. I have never hit my father,” says Prado. He goes on to explain: “Things that I have done
Use force, that is, be violent on a few occasions throughout my life. A corrective to a child for my sister being 8 years old, another bland fight for my stupidity at 15, 2 headbutts to 2 meter guys, 3 ostias to 2 fools…”.
Later on he also dedicates a few words to the maximum responsible from the producer of the program and to the psychologist who treated her: ” You had a bad liver when you entered the mousetrap called the confessional after 13 hours of the events and after keeping me locked up watching my rape without warning or support.”
I also assure that “they took the aberrant, deplorable and disgusting delicacy of editing it and showing me different shots, even focusing well on my rapist “, so he wonders how many hours the sexual abuse actually lasted.
“How many people knew and had knowledge
How many did you enjoy being who I was

“, continues the young woman to end by sending a message directly to those involved: “Cheap scum: I do not intend to stop until each one who was and/or collaborated, allowed, I tolerate or boast… It will not stop until all of you are marked”, he threatens.

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