The seventh edition of the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS) has included six centers from the HLA Group healthcare network in the ranking of private hospitals with the best reputation, in which the Granada center La Inmaculada enters for the first time , the only private hospital in the city. Alejandro Otero’s center has entered the 30th position in the ranking prepared by Merco based on more than 6,000 surveys of medical professionals, nurses, managers and heads of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, patient associations, journalists and health informants. , as well as from specific objective indicators of clinical services.
With regard to the rest of the HLA Group centres, theHLA Universitario Moncloa de Madrid remains among the ten hospitals with the best reputation in Spain according to Merco. While the HLA Vistahermosa in Alicante remains the only private hospital in Alicante that appears in the ranking, HLA El Angel in Malaga climbs four places with respect to the MRS two years ago and reaches position number 26 and HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur (Jerez de la Frontera) continues to be the hospital in Cadiz with the best reputation according to this list. In addition to Granada, another hospital that makes its debut in this ranking is the HLA Montpellier in Zaragoza, which has reached position 33 and is the best positioned in Aragon.
In the words of Dr. Benito Garcia-Legaz, medical director of the HLA Group, “the MRS ranking carried out by Merco highlights the commitment of our companywith continuous improvement and the search for healthcare excellence”. In addition, the doctor especially values ​​the arrival of the recognition of the six HLA centers in a “year marked by the spread of Covid-19”, a pandemic in which the group took the initiative by being, in 2020, the first healthcare company to certify its protocols against Covid-19 throughout its healthcare network. For all these reasons, this recognition, in the words of Garcia-Legaz, “takes on, if possible, greater relevance and evidences the responsibility, professionalism and commitment of all HLA professionals.”
The HLA medical director considers that the ranking highlights the company commitment
This relevance is confirmed beyond the Mecro ranking, since in the last year other entities have recognized the health efficiency and care quality of the HLA Group, such as Higia Benchmarking and ASHO, which recognized the HLA Inmaculada center in Granada as the best intermediate private hospital in Spain in the Nervous System Diagnosis category for its health efficiency and quality of care in all its processes and was a finalist in the Global Results category.
Other centers of the HLA Group were also among the best in Spain according to the evaluation carried out for this list, as is the case of the HLA Jerez Puerta del Sur hospital in Jerez de la Frontera, which was a finalist in the Circulatory System Diagnosis category, HLA San Carlos de Denia (Alicante) in the Kidney and Urinary Tract Diagnosis category and HLA Los Naranjos de Huelva in the Women’s Diagnosis category for their efforts in these areas in a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic .
For its part, IQVIA, in the last edition of its TOP20 awards, recognized the HLA Los Naranjos hospital in Huelva as the private center with the best global hospital management and highlighted the efforts of HLA La Vega de Murcia and HLA Montpellier, finalists in the categories of global hospital management in private hospitals with reference specialties and best small private hospital management, respectively.

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