The haircut with bangs is sweeping in 2020. Framing the face by cutting the bangs is one of the trends that is most maintained and reinvented.
As we already told you in the article about the haircuts that will be a trend, in this 2020, the bangs have returned with more force than ever, as in the case of the shaggy cut, and it is becoming the most demanded in hairdressers.What types of bangs are trending and which one should you wear according to the shape of your face
We tell you!

Bangs over the eyebrows

This way of wearing bangs has been going very strong and will be a trendabsolute this 2020. It consists of wearing it covering the entire forehead, even covering the eyebrows. It is very flattering for all types of faces, especially it adapts to square, rectangular faces and angular features, since it provides softness . Susana Molina has joined this trend and it looks perfect on her.

Long open
This type of bangs is characterized by its staggered shape, from shorter to longer. It is light (not with a lot of hair) and should not be very short, since its ideal length is reaching to cover the cheeks a little.
A fringe with these characteristics will help lengthen your faceTherefore, we can say that this is ideal for those who have a round face.

If we had to keep a fringe trend that will sweep in the spring of 2020, it is the curtain fringe , better known as curtain fringe. It is like the previous one but shorter, we advise you to wear it disheveled, since it will give your hair an incredible style .
It is comfortable and versatile , since it triumphs in both long and short hair and is very flattering in casual updos. In addition, it suits all types of faces very well, especially favors round faces .

side bangs
Would you love to cut your bangs but you are not daring enough

Well, without a doubt, this is the right bangs for you . This change will have its results without being too flashy. Among its advantages we highlight that it helps to perfectly balance any type of face, softens the features and provides a more youthful touch to those who wear it.


bangs This type of bangs is recommended for those who have square faces . For them, the best option is to wear a thick and completely straight fringe . It is important that the length of this does not exceed the height of the eyebrows. Aitana is, without a doubt, currently the best ambassador of this type of bangs.

Very short

bangs This type of bangs may be the most daring of all that we have named above. It has not yet become a trend but what we are sure of is that this spring will not happen. The fringe is going to be the absolute protagonist of the spring season and this type was not going to be less.
Although it seems that it does not, it also favors and a lot. But, for what type of faces

Well, it will look great on those with soft features and a narrow forehead .. If this is your case, go ahead, it will be ideal for you!

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