You may not have gone to the hairdresser yet after the summer because you are waiting to get a daring godmother hairstyle at the wedding of one of your children, but you know that it is time to bet on one of the most trending haircuts of autumn. Although those haircuts, however trendy they may be, are not necessarily going to be the ones that feel best to you or achieve the effect you are looking for when you decide to go to the hairdresser .
Women over 60 have more than defined their style and when they go to the hairdresser to get a haircut they look for it to have a rejuvenating effect.And that, in addition, is super flattering. Open to experimenting, mature women already know how to get the most out of it, that’s why they are very clear about which are the most youthful and flattering haircuts and that’s why they don’t stop asking for them in hairdressers.
It is not that XXL hair is prohibited after 60, it is that the shorter the hair, the more rejuvenated. In addition, this autumn everything seems to indicate that the long hair stockings , even the mini ones, are the most popular. In that sense, women over 60 when they go to the hairdresser are very clear about the haircut they are going to ask for and we know what they are. Always in a short version, sometimes covered, sometimes straight, these arethe haircuts that most favor women over 60, ready to order at the hairdresser

Haircut with mini hair and layers

Its casual air gives us a youthful appearance that we can enhance even more if we bet on adding a haircut to the haircut. curtain bangs. This haircut is very comfortable for day to day, since it does not need you to comb it meticulously. Dry your head upside down and ready.

Bob haircut in a highly polished version

Sleek, sophisticated and with a Parisian twist, the bob is an ideal haircut to look younger, since, the shorter we wear our hair, the more years we will be subtracting. This haircut requires a little more maintenance, as its polished look is the key to achieving the desired effect.

Collarbone haircut

The length should not go beyond the shoulders, since what we want to achieve with this haircut is to frame the face . On this occasion, we can also bet on a fringe at the height of the eyebrows.

Clavicut Haircut

It’s the perfect haircut for all face types and works wonders for transitioning from short hair to long hair. This haircut is perfect to look younger because of its fresh and natural style.that falls on the shoulders with great movement tends to emphasize the lines of the shoulders, neck and collarbones.

Long bob haircut

The long bob is a haircut that does not understand ages, since it favors all women equally and, in addition, this season is one of the most trending haircuts of all time .

Haircut for medium length hair with side bangs

Being layered, the hair is much more voluminous and with more movement , which gives freshness to the face. You can bet on tilting your bangs and thus sweeten the face. If you also play to give clarity to the hair in the areas closest to the face with some of the most trending highlightsyou will have an outstanding result.

Pixie haircut with slanted bangs

A good way to soften the features and also opt for a very flattering and fashionable haircut is to get a pixie with slanted bangs . You can also bet on leaving your hair natural and showing off gray hair.

Wavy bob haircut

The wavy bob seems to us to be a reinterpretation of a classic haircut with which it achieves a fresh and casual look. The secret for her haircut to succeed is that the actress does not excessively mark her waves , but rather gives them a much more natural look.

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