Spring, hair changes and, although that is not the original saying, it could not be a more accurate statement. Of all the seasons, spring is the one that most invites us to make that change of look that we want to experience so much. After super boring months in which wearing your hair in a ponytail was practically the only option, the arrival of spring brings with it our desire to cut our hair and have a groundbreaking result.
Over the last few weeks we have been discovering some trends that will lay the foundations for haircuts for this spring 2021. Unlike other seasons, this spring 2021 it’s time to say goodbye to XXL hair to welcome shorter hair styles. Jagged bob to show off long hair with a little trick, pixe with bangs for the most daring women or the shaggy haircut to say goodbye to the dryer forever are some of the hair proposals that we have been advancing in recent weeks.
With a brand new spring and with a crazy desire to go to the hairdresser to give us a change of look, it’s time to review what will be the hair trends and know the haircuts that are most successful in hairdressers in spring 2021 . Ready to fall for the charms of a blunt bob
Eager to know the secrets of a career

This selection of haircuts is what you were waiting for.

Unstructured Bob, the haircut to have movement

Less radical than the classic bob, this haircut brings freshness and movement to the hair and helps to show off a very casual hair style. Designed to give the hair dynamism, the unstructured bob haircut is ideal for women who want to go for short hair and avoid the helmet effect .
When it comes to getting a bob with these characteristics, it is necessary to work on the basis of a straight bob . In the salon, the hair professional will focus on working the cut to various lengths .. The idea is to fade the strands from the top (to add volume) and parade some ends (remove thickness) to give the hairstyle more irregularity and lightness. In this way, we will have achieved an uneven and unstructured look that gives movement and dynamism to the short hairstyle .
Everything you need to know about the unstructured bob.

Carre, the bob haircut that Ana de Armas made fashionable

It is a haircut that provides a lot of volume and movement, ideal for a type of fine hair such as that of the actress. It has the base of a bob (actually all short hair does), but it is a bob haircut . To the carefree appearance of his hair we must add theparaded bangs that highlight her green eyes and the features of her heart-shaped face.
This type of haircut is very flattering for women with a round but slightly oval face , as is the case with the actress. This type of casual bob suits this type of face very well because it is a cut that frames the face completely. The base is straight, as are the bangs, although both have the ends paraded and the parting in the center also defines her face.
Everything you need to know about Ana de Armas’s haircut.

The best spring haircut, the shaggy with bangs
The shaggy is a very casual haircut that triumphed in the seventies and is once again a super trend this spring 2021 . It is a hair style that is achieved with short and fine layers that add volume to the hair, but can also help reduce it. Can there be something better in a haircut than achieving opposite effects so that all women can wear it
Absolutely, yes.
In addition to this quality, the shaggy with bangs , which is how it is worn this spring, being a haircut with many layers, reduces tangles, can be dried without a dryer and offers a casual, natural and movement look.. It is time to make an appointment at the hairdresser and bet on the most casual and comfortable haircut of spring.
Everything you need to know about the shaggy haircut.

Blunt bob, the preferred haircut for hair with little volume

The blunt bob paraded is nothing more than the classic short mane that, instead of presenting a polished finish, ends in a more paraded version . In short, it is a commitment to the mythical bob at the height of the chin, leaving the neck uncovered, and betting on some paraded ends to gain volume and provide movement. Unlike other haircuts that also add volume, the blunt bob is not done with layers or texture, only thetermination of the paraded tips .
When it comes to achieving the perfect result, in the hairdresser they make dry cuts in the hair in order to achieve a precise and clean layout. In this way we would be getting a classic bob and perhaps we would not achieve the volume that our fine hair needs. That’s when the second part of this hair trend comes into action. Once the cut is achieved, the hairdresser will proceed to parade the ends in order to achieve that extra volume . The result is short hair full of volume and movement that requires very little maintenance.
Everything you need to know about the blunt bob haircut.

Pixie, the haircut of the most daring
The pixie haircut is completely timeless. Like the bob, this haircut has accompanied us throughout the years and never goes out of style. With a lot of personality and very casual , the secret of success of this haircut is none other than the fusion of comfort and elegance.
Borrowed from English, the term refers to a little pixie and, in fact, that is the result. Much shorter at the back, the pixie is a garcon haircut that is equally comfortable and sophisticated, but only suitable for the most daring . This haircut becomes even more sophisticated, fresh and carefree if we combine it with a fringe. That helps us create volume at the top of the head, giving the haircut a fresh and casual look.
Everything you need to know about the pixie haircut.

Jagged bob, the haircut that makes shearing a gift

The jagged bob, which is nothing more than a paraded bob, plays at making spikes in the locks, emulating the shearing effect but with a very sophisticated result . This set of strands makes the haircut have a lot of movement and the hair looks much lighter and, consequently, with much more volume. When it comes to betting on a cut that gives us volume, the jagged bob is perfect.
This paraded and messy version of the bob is shoulder length, the key to the cut being that the ends end in a peak ., creating small layers throughout the hair that give a lot of movement and makes your hairstyle easier.
Everything you need to know about the jagged bob.

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