Coloring is a key aspect when it comes to taking advantage of our facial features, especially if what we want is to achieve a much younger and fresher appearance . We have seen it among women over 50, who after betting on the clavicut haircut to get rid of years , have devastated the hairdresser asking for the most rejuvenating highlights of the moment , the melting nude.
A good coloring technique, together with a successful haircut (now that we are in summer we can bet on one of the layered haircuts that give more volume), is the perfect combination when it comes to finding a hair styling that does not not only favor us, but also help us to offera more rejuvenated aspect of ourselves . In that sense, after speaking with the experts at L’Oreal, we have all the keys to present you with the hair colors that best feel and rejuvenate women over 50 .
There are some urban legends that invite women over 50 to give up dark tones when it comes to changing their hair color, but when it comes to betting on a coloration, it is not necessarily necessary to go for blonde tones. Mahogany, chocolate or hazelnuts are also super flattering hair colors and with the gift of rejuvenating, perfect for women over 50.
In addition, if you want these hair colors to look great on you, we also offer you some little tricks so that your appearance looks much more favored and rejuvenated . Are you ready to see the hair colors that best feel and rejuvenate women over 50

The hair colors that most rejuvenate

Before delving into the hair colors that best feel and rejuvenate women over 50, let’s make a review of some of the key issues when it comes to changing the color of our hair without spending years on ourselves.

Subtle Highlights: Play with the highlights in your hair to soften your features and add extra your complexion. Decide on highlights that integrate well with the natural color of your hair: if you are brown, some honey-colored streaks will give your hair a natural freshness (the melting nude ones are the ones that feel best because they are super natural); if you’re blonde, try babylights or even illuminage; and if, on the other hand, you are a brunette, opt for highlights in bronze tones .

The colors that best suit women over 50: If you doubt between two similar color tones, always decide on the lighter of the two , because it will illuminate and give a rejuvenating touch to your features. Do not forget to choose the undertones that best complement your face:

Warm tones: If the veins on the inside of your wrists are green, that means that as a general rule you are more favored by warm undertones such as gold, copper, honey browns or incredible chocolate.

Ash tones : If the veins on the bottom of your wrists are blue, cool colors are made for you, so ash blondes, brunettes, or browns work best for you.

Ash tones and warm tones : If you have a combination of green and blue veins on your wrist, you can play with the color as much as you want, because both warm and cold colors favor you.

A mahogany hair color for a fresh and youthful air

If routine scares you more than changes, we recommend mahogany tones, halfway between chestnut and redhead. Why

Because they are fashionable and give a naughty and youthful touch to your face .

Benefits : Flatters left and right, especially round faces . It also provides a very particular and rejuvenating halo of sweetness.

A blonde hair color that flees from conventionalisms

Do you love playing it safe and innovating but in small doses
Discover ash blonde, a natural but powerful tone , not boring at all.

Benefits : It suits women with fair complexions very well.because it highlights the features in a delicate way and subtracts seriousness from the face. On the other hand, it is very elegant both in long hair and in medium hair and, best of all, it holds roots wonderfully.

A chocolate hair color for dark-haired women

You go from here to there with meetings, events, trips… Tell us no more: you deserve a chocolate, but with milk, not pure, so as not to harden your features .

Benefits : it works wonders for darker skin and light eyes . This hair color, in addition, provides a mixture of sophistication, warmth and shine -in the broadest sense of the word- very powerful.

Hazelnut, the hair color of bohemian women
You are calm, dreamy, romantic and you enjoy the small details, right

Well , your ideal color is called hazelnut .

Benefits : favors fair skin —especially with aninine faces— and creates brilliant sparkles that captivate. In addition, being a very natural tone, it softens the expression lines and helps subtract some years .

Tricks so that your haircut also favors you and rejuvenates your face

Try to ensure that your ends are always healthy and even , since offering a well-groomed and well-groomed appearance is key to maintaining a young and fresh style. Go through the scissors every 2 or 3 months (as needed) and remember: do not sacrifice the health of your hair to look 4 centimeters too much.
Over the years, the hair loses thickness and the hair fibers become thinner. If you have that problem and you notice your hair is thin, try not to overdo the layers because they create the illusion of sparseness at the ends . Also, try treatments that strengthen your hair. Bangs

are the great allies of women who have a tendency to more marked crow’s feet , since they canhide or disguise them with this fresh and youthful cut that focuses attention on the intensity of your eyes and not on wrinkles.

The midi cut is more fashionable than ever . Dare with the cuts of the season to take years off with style. The medium length is versatile because you can wear it curly, straight or wavy and you only need a little foam to achieve a fixed finish but full of movement.

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