The Girl Who Played with Fire is a 2009 film directed by Daniel Alfredson. The story is based on the best seller of the same name by Stieg Larsson, and is the sequel to Men who hate women, based on the Millennium series. The plot of the second film
“The girl who played with fire” and the second film from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. Two journalists from Stockholm’s Millennium magazine were killed immediately after delivering an investigation into the Swedish sex market. The young Lisbeth Salander, who has now become very rich, is seriously suspected.
Journalist Mikael Blomkvist, who is her friend, tries to reach her before she is arrested. In his investigation of her he must confront several dangerous criminals and uncover the tragic past of the girl, who became an avenging angel after being the victim of childhood abuse and a corrupt system. Written by Jonas Frykberg and Ulf Ryberg, the film focuses on the frightening trafficking of prostitutes from the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe, but soon converges on Blomkvist and Lisbeth, neglecting the sociological dimension of the previous one. Reflection on crime
There are so many criminals in “The Girl Who Played With Fire” that we can barely keep track. Many of these criminals are the ones who are supposed to be fighting crime, not getting involved. We have journalists, judges, lawyers, psychiatrists, members of the Swedish secret police and regular police forces involved in the sex trade and coverage of serious crimes. Outside of these institutions we find drug dealers, pimps, murderers and crime geniuses, all wreaking havoc with the sanction of the authorities. And then we have Salander.
Between his hacking and the other techniques he uses to fight crime and exact revenge, and always on unstable legal ground. His beloved guardian, Holger Palmgren, thinks that “whatever he is doing may be dubious in the eyes of the law, but not a crime against the laws of God” (8.145). Blomkvist also seems to admire his willingness to do what he deems right, even when it is illegal. What do you think The girl who played with fire
This second installment of Larsson’s Millennium trilogy is interesting, exciting, and perhaps even better than its prequel. “The Girl Who Played With Fire” is largely Lisbeth’s story and, considering she is arguably the most fascinating and unique of Stieg’s creations, it’s nice to read such a careful focus on her character. While Blomkvist and the memories of the previous book’s events are omnipresent, this is a very different story, but no less effective and intelligent. Larsson’s attention to detail regarding math and hacking is amazing and every character, no matter how minor or insignificant, is thought out and described in detail. Unsurprisingly, the trilogy required two different adaptations;
The film is quite satisfying overall; and successful in its cinematography and editing, it has good photography and the atmosphere of Larsson’s trilogy and well set. Also, the performances are commendable, especially Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander and boxer Paolo Roberto playing himself. However, there are several aspects of the film’s plot that depart from the book; while some are due to the compaction of Larsson’s vast story into 130 minutes, others are not as understandable and can distract fans of the book from the situation of the film. Film vs book
The film “The Girl Who Played with Fire” features very little of the first two parts of the book, but as those sections had little to do with the main plot, and were more focused on Lisbeth’s journey and her return to Sweden. , it may be understandable. It would have been nice to visualize everything Larrson wrote, but it was simply impossible to get it all in and the non-functional parts of the visual storytelling, no matter how interesting, are usually sacrificed in adaptations.
For similar reasons, the public is unable to meet Dag and Mia, characters who are predominantly present in the first sections of the book. Unfortunately, there is little attention paid to Lisbeth’s hacking. The latter is very skilled in research and hacking and is widely shown in the book. Her omission in the film undermines her intelligence and her talent. Others are the events that are represented in a more superficial way in the film, leaving out the pathos present in the incredible book.

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