Tendido Cero is one of those public network programs that cannot be faulted. If they notice, they’ll agree even if they don’t relish the ring. Above all the media adversities that the party experiences and the external objections to this program of La 2 , it cannot be put in the forefront due to its content and respectful treatment.
Tendido Cero, in any case, is put in the crosshairs of anti-bullfighting , who continuously send their complaints to RTVE’s Ombudsman for the sole fact of the existence of this format.For some, it is a problem that it is located on the grid simply to report it. The bullfighting magazine, whichbegan its journey in 1986 and this weekend it issues its 1,788th issue, it is carried out with admirable pride and dedication, in charge of a small but very dedicated team. The usual in so many contents of the public corporation.

Belen Plaza is the new face of Tendido Cero since last September 19, 2020, very recently. That day the format changed, which went from lasting 105 minutes to only 45. The veteran tune of Julio Mengod, the father of the remembered presenter Veronica Mengod, was modified, and the usual gathering of specialists was suppressed by the presentation of Belen Plaza, which he does so standing from a lectern, giving way to a series of short reports. Too concise and schematic everything.
The pandemic has hit the bullfighting world hard as we know. This program attends to all sensitivities in these difficult hours.
It was striking how, during the previous confinement, TVE neglected viewers loyal to Tendido Cero, who had never missed an appointment with their own, since out of season it broadcast timeless reports. And how, by surprise, on June 27, a special and solitary program was broadcast in which Federico Arnas, the director and regular presenter of the veteran bullfighting content of La 2, took the opportunity to say goodbye publicly, due to his retirement.
Until that moment , Arnas had been no less than 43 consecutive yearsat the forefront of bullfighting information, both on Radio Nacional de Espana and on TVE. An unparalleled permanence. Without a doubt, this professional would have deserved more attention from the housemates. But we already know how things are going in Prado del Rey and who really governs the editorial line and style of the house.
Belen Plaza presents Tendido Cero in a renewed virtual set and, fortunately, La 2 already offers its proposals in High Definition quality.
Pending the start of the new season late, you just have to trust that the long-standing space of the bulls continues to maintain a stable presence on the grid.

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