Every season there is a color that shines above the rest. The eternal bougainvillea (especially when it comes to guest trends) ceded its throne last year to our beloved mauve and now this shade, which continues to reign in the world of fashion, shares its crown with a new color that is postulates as future king: fuchsia pink .
You just have to take a look at the proposals of the spring-summer collections of our favorite firms to discover that pink, especially fuchsia pink, is the absolute protagonist. This color, which you either love or hate, has taken over all garments and we have it present in dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories. Although garments like the mauve mini skirt that Rachel Green would wear and that is now a trend, they think it will be quite difficult for the fuchsia pink newcomer.
As a kind of advance, a couple of weeks ago we discovered the pink suit, which in a very powdery and pastel version, which was presented as the absolute trend of spring with which to go to the office or go out with friends and mark a cojuntazo Now, in a much more groundbreaking version, comes the fuchsia pink suit from Mango outletwith which to bet on the star color of spring and, in addition, do it in its low cost version. If a few days ago we also discovered at Mango outlet the basic black jumpsuit that would save our looks when we don’t know what to wear, now Mango’s low cost subsidiary offers us the possibility of embracing the top trend (and the color with more personality) at a super cheap price.
It is a fuchsia pink suit, made up of culotte trousers and a fluid and structured blazer without lapels that, together, formalize the most groundbreaking look of spring.Both garments are reduced by almost 50% and are a good investment if you are one of those who opt for elegant looks, but always give them a touch of originality and daring. Also, it’s acheaper option to get a set with the star color of spring.

The favorite fuchsia pink suit of spring

We have already said that each season (or season) has its own color, but it must also be said that each season has its own star garment. for us, since it broke out last autumn, the tailored suit has become that eternal star garment that, thanks to its versatility and functionality, we can combine with any other garment and bet on any style that comes to mind.
From the most formal with high heels, intense makeup and strategically styled hair, to the most informal with sneakers, washed face makeup (with good red lipstick) and a low updo. All its options, together with the color, make the fuchsia pink suit from Mango outlet become our favorite for spring.
As we have advanced, the pants are culotte cut (perfect for those of us who are shorter) and the jacket is structured and does not have lapels. Its intense fuchsia pink makes the suit screaming to be combined with black (if we want to be safe), so a safe bet is a black top with strappy sandals, also in black (another trend that is going to be strong in spring).
That is, in the case of wanting to bet on a somewhat more formal version of the suit , if we want informality, sports shoes, the basic t-shirt with a message and hair with natural waves are the best options to carry the star trend with personality. the spring . As they are two Mango outlet garments, both have a discount. The pants are priced at 15.99 euros, while the jacket costs 27.99 euros.

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