And that last step that prevented him from entering the area of ​​the champions, remaining in the enclosure of champions. Gonzalo Higuain and a formidable striker, in his career he has so far scored 288 goals in clubs between River Plate, Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus and Milan . The 36 centers in the 2015 2016 season earned him the absolute record for goals in the Italian league. He has surpassed Nordahl ‘s record that had resisted since 1950. Yet, the Pipita has always missed that final definitive leap in quality. That little step that would have allowed him to enter the narrow Olympus of phenomena. A cause (or effect) limit of his fragile mental strength, as demonstrated in the match with Juve.

Argentina Germany – July 13, 2014, Brazilian World Cup final. Together with Messi Gonzalo he has the opportunity to bring the World Cup back to Buenos Aires as a protagonist. Twenty-four years after Maradona in Mexico. But no, the title goes to the Germans after extra time. Higuain first scores an offside goal, then fails a sensational opportunity in front of goal.

Napoli Lazio – On 31 May 2015 at the San Paolo and play-off for the qualification in the Champions League. Lazio passes (4-2), Higuain marks the scoresheet with a brace. But that’s not enough, because he weighs the decisive mistake from the spot that condemns Napoli to the Europa League.

Argentina Chile –A little more than a month later, on July 4th, Pipa has the possibility of redemption. In Santiago de Chile there is the America’s Cup final between the hosts and the Albiceleste. The 0-0 resists for 120 minutes, it goes to penalties. Higuain misses one of the two missed penalties from Argentina, Banega misses the other. Sanchez and Vidal’s Chile wins, Gonzalo ends a nightmare month.

Udinese Napoli – On 3 April 2016, Sarri’s blues go to “Friuli” to cultivate their championship hopes against Allegri’s Juve. The home side bianconeri win 3-1, Higuain signs the momentary equalizer before Bruno Fernandes’ brace. Nervousness betrays him, being expelled by the referee Irrati and inveighing against him. The disqualification of 4 days arrives, then reduced to 3.

Argentina Chile bis –On June 27, 2016, Argentina and Chile played their second consecutive America’s Cup final at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. At 21 ‘Higuain the great opportunity to break the deadlock, but he fails dramatically. He goes to penalties again and again wins Chile on penalties, thanks to the missed penalties by Messi and Biglia. Higuain was out in the 70th minute, replaced by Aguero.

Juventus Real Madrid – On 3 June 2017 in Cardiff and the Champions League final between bianconeri and blancos. Higuain, who moved to Juve, has yet another opportunity to become decisive in a final. The presence of him is notable only for the assist for the splendid semi-reverse by Mandzukic which is worth the momentary 1-1. The match will end 1-4 for Real Madrid, Pipita will be a supporting spectator.

Milan Juventus –Summer 2018, Juve download the pipe for the purchase of the century with Cristiano Ronaldo. Gonzalo goes to Milan and contemplates revenge against the Old Lady as a final. Except that the finals, as seen, do not bring him luck. First he gets a penalty saved by Szczesny (the sixth out of 18 kicked in A), then explodes with anger against the referee Mazzoleni after a yellow card, being sent off.

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