One of the main consequences of spending so much time at home in the wake of the pandemic is that we now pay much more attention to the decoration of our home than before. If before March the decoration of the house was an aspect that was in the background, now we have it as one of our priorities.
In addition to looking for functionality (we have realized what the real needs of our house are) we also need the decoration to be pleasant and to be an absolute reflection of our personality. For this reason, during all this time we have opted to give our house a change of air and make some small reforms .
We have applied tricks to make our living room seem larger, we have looked for storage ideas to take advantage of space and we have filled a small bedroom in which we now spend too much time with personality. Made these small changes in the decoration , many have gotten the bug to completely reform the kitchen and, of course, that is already big words.
The kitchen is that space in the house that has remained practically unchanged since the first day we moved in. With custom furniture and little room for manoeuvre, the kitchen does not usually leave us much space to give a new look to its decoration (except changing the curtains or putting up a painting). For this reason, there are many who are considering these daysmake a reform that completely changes the appearance of your kitchen and, in addition, update it based on new trends .
When it comes to renovating a kitchen, you have to be very clear about the practical nature of the space and based on that, play with trends in decoration. But, what are the kitchen trends

We know a lot about living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms, but when it comes to the trends that mark the decoration of kitchens in 2021 , we may be a little more lost.
To shed light on this and give you the keys if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, we have spoken with members of the Kitchen Furniture Association (AMC), who tell us thekitchen trends for 2021

A multifunctional kitchen, the key to renovating the space

This year the goal is to achieve a multifunctional kitchen in which not only to cook or eat, but in which we can also work or study. In this sense, the distribution of kitchens open to the living room will predominate thanks to the comfort and versatility that it allows and will highlight the open shelves that provide a feeling of spaciousness , in addition to extra storage space.
Along the same lines, AMC has detected an increase in the demand for large tables and islands since now that we spend more time at home and the kitchen is also our officeor school, we need larger work surfaces.
Similarly, ergonomics and comfort in kitchen chairs is gaining weight. The most outstanding trend in the distribution of the kitchen is the trinomial kitchen-living room-terrace . Confinement has pushed us to value the outdoor areas of our home, so the patios, terraces and gardens will gain prominence this year and will become part of the kitchens, bringing light to this room and making it possible to enjoy the outdoors to cook or work.

A strong commitment to natural materials in
Sustainable furniture and eco-design has been a trend that has been on the rise for some time and will gain even more weight in 2021, which is whyNatural, recycled and ecological materials treated in an artisanal way will be fundamental. From AMC they assure that this year the wood will be present in all its varieties: wood with very marked veins and knots, medium tonality, laminated in natural oak or noble woods such as chestnut.
The trend in countertops will be the porcelain material with a grain and, as far as the chairs are concerned, the monochrome textile upholstery. Other materials that will not be missing this year in our kitchens are marble, bamboo, glass and metal. According to AMC experts, “in 2021 the mixture of colors and textures will be a trend, so the combination of different materials , predominantly natural and handmade, will be essential.”

A kitchen in which colors contrast

2021 is a year of contrasts and this will be evident in kitchens through color. Both white and pastel colors are trendy , such as black, anthracite grey, graphite or navy blue, all with an extra matt finish. Color will also be an escape route to nature through terracotta, greenish, orange or intense blue tones .
In this line, from AMC they confirm that the color of 2021 will be a combination between Ultimate Gray and Yellow Illuminating , as Pantone assures. Experts point out that “the mixture of these colors represents the optimism and strength we need to face the year.”
The chairs will give the note of color this year, since upholstery in soft and cheerful tones such as blue or pink are a trend. In addition, antibacterial fabrics are booming. These textiles are treated against bacteria, abrasion and stains, making them perfect for the kitchen.

A commitment to simplicity in furniture design

In 2021 , kitchen cabinets will be characterized by clean lines and light aesthetics and will fundamentally be equipped with a flat or round structural groove. However, every detail counts and the handles on the furnitureKitchen accessories are essential for many, since the design of these elements can completely change the style of the kitchen. This year, discreet black , satin nickel, pewter and antique brass handles will be available, always with a matte finish .

Innovation and design in household appliances

As for household appliances, a minimalist aesthetic will prevail whose functional design will take care of every detail without forgetting the importance of ergonomics. The colors and materials will not be risky, since the classics will predominate: glass, metal, white and black. Smart kitchens will gain momentum thanks to the integration of the latest technological innovations, which also promote energy efficiency and sustainability in kitchens. Appliances are increasingly intuitive, they simplify cooking and speed up tasks.

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