Summer is always synonymous with a change of look. For this reason, the summer season seems perfect to bet on some of the layered haircuts that are devastating, to dare with some of the easy-to-do summer hairstyles for short hair and, of course, to take risks with makeup trends. of the summer.
Many of us may have given up makeup in recent months due to the use of masks, but now that we can do without them (as long as we are responsible and follow health recommendations) we can finally wear that summer makeup that we are wanting to try.. Despite having given up makeup during the last year, many of us have been clear that the eyes had to be given an important place and we have opted for wearing more daring eye shadows .
This practice has influenced some of the summer 2021 makeup trends , in which anabsolute role of the gaze is observed . In contrast, and perhaps due to the change in customs when it comes to putting on makeup during the pandemic, with regard to summer makeup, we can affirm that naturalness and the good face effect are two trends that are quite strong.
When it comes to shedding light on summer 2021 makeup trendsWe have spoken with expert make-up artists from L’Oreal, who give us some of the make-up keys that we can finally wear and we can’t wait to try them. Are you ready to get caught up in all the 2021 summer makeup trends that we can finally wear and are looking forward to trying

These are the five summer makeup trends that are most successful in 2021 .

Summer makeup: Soft glow skin

Do you remember the dolphin skin look from last year

Yes, that skin with a wet effect , like it just came out of the water. Well, it has evolved to a somewhat more restrained but really flattering finish. It is also known as baby skin and is neither matte nor wet, but rather a juicy complexion ., rosy, full of radiance and radiating light and health from every pore.

How to make soft glow skin makeup

Basically it is achieved with a lot of hydration (ampoules, serums and creams are essential) and good color correction at strategic points with foundation and concealer. Forget heavy coats and overly matte finishes; It is about achieving a very bright, fresh and long-lasting non-makeup effect . Combine the base with hydration and even with some illuminator and you have it.

Summer makeup: Neon look

Our eyes are our letter of introduction and, therefore, we are going to load all the ink on them. Set to make them more striking,this season they are worn in a neon key . Do you dare

can use neon tones as color-block shadows, in a smokey plan, in the tear duct or as a simple, double or even triple eyeliner accompanied by powerful eyelashes . By the way, speaking of the latter, you don’t just have to limit yourself to black, you know that, right

How to get a neon look makeup

Try on the brown and electric blue tones live and finish revolutionizing your look. The option of wearing them in one color above and another below seems top to us.

Summer makeup: Risky
We have been warning you, but the evolution that eyeliner has hadIn recent times it is already the history of makeup, specifically, of eye makeup. In short: the most of the most. The simple line of all life charged pulse at a point and now there is no one to stop it: artistic, geometric, floating, choppy, minimal… The list of versions is infinite and everything is allowed.

Summer make-up: All in one color

Another current that takes a lot is to play it to the end with a single chromatic card . That is, the same tone for eyes (shadows and liners), blush, lips and even manicure. The winners by landslide are the reddish ones, the cherry ones, the pink ones and the brown ones ; and we have to admit that we love that this is happening.

play with intensities(enhance, blur, load depth, light…) and also with the strokes.

Summer makeup: Blurred lips and lip gloss

We could not finish this special selection of summer makeup 2021 without reserving a space for the lips. Blurred lips are worn. Translation
With blurred edges and freshly bitten lip effect . Get it by applying the product manually and slightly exceeding the natural edge. The result is suggestive, to say the least.
This on the one hand but, on the other, they also wear gloss because, although matte lipsticks have become stronger with the use of masks, the gloss is ready to come out as soon as you give it permission .

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