On vacation, even though we have promised ourselves that we will rest, we live on the edge and give our body little rest . We sleep little because we sign up for all the plans and that in the end takes its toll on our face and we have to resort to makeup tricks to hide the bad face. For this reason, we have not forgotten to put a good eye cream in our vacation suitcase to mitigate the signs of fatigue .
Although sometimes that is not the only thing that helps us to have that immediate good face effect that we like so much. If we have already experimented with all the trends in makeup this summer, why not experiment witha good makeup that helps us to have that immediate good face effect that we need so much on vacation
Just as makeup helps us to enhance features of our face , it also becomes our perfect ally to hide the bad face and face our vacations as if we had slept eight hours (only our bed will know that it has not been so). To help us achieve that make-up with an immediate good-looking effect that will save you this holiday, we have spoken with the expert make-up artists from L’Oreal, who have given us the five steps to achieve it .
In addition, experts tell us about one of the main problems we face when we have a bad face: dark circles . Are you ready to discover the five steps of a make-up with an immediate good face effect that will save you this vacation

1. Eye contour, serum and moisturizer, the first step to have a good face

Let’s go by parts that the night has been ‘movidita’. First of all, wash your face with cold water to remove the leganas and start your daily care ritual with a deep facial cleansing , followed by the application of a toner. You have already done it and the bags and dark circles remain the same.
Now it is the turn of the serum and the eye contour. Try an intense action eye contour that hydrates and tones the area, deflates puffiness, fills in wrinkles and tightens the eyelids. After the serum and the eye contour (which you can keep in the fridge so that the cold effect helps reduce the puffiness of the bags ), it is time to apply a moisturizer and a sunscreen.

2. The make-up base, the best of our allies for an immediate good face effect

Brightening the look is essential, but the rest of the face is also important. Unify the tone and camouflage imperfectionsIt will be the second step to achieve that good color and healthy appearance that lack of sleep has robbed you of. For this mission, we recommend a makeup base that is very fluid to avoid the mask effect and that matches your skin tone perfectly. But let’s not lose focus. It is also essential that you apply the concealer from the same range —if it is a lighter shade, the better— to bring light to your eyes and hide the signs of fatigue .

3. Blush and bronzer to create volume on the face

Playing with light and shadow will make it easier for you to highlight what you want. So that all the work we’ve done before doesn’t get too flat, throw on some bronzing powder (but apply it carefully, we don’t want your complexion to resemble that of Donald Trump or Julio Iglesias).
Take the product with a brush and draw a three on your face that starts at the forehead , curves below the cheekbones and goes down around the jaw. On the little apples of the cheeks, blend a luminous blush in an upward direction, almost reaching the temples.

4. Highlighter for an immediate brightening effect

To illuminate your eyes, spread a small amount of product under the arch of the eyebrow—where the bone—, in the center of the mobile eyelid, in the tear duct and in the upper part of the cheekbone —tending towards the temple but not reaching it— which, believe it or not, is one of the best tricks to illuminate the eye . If you are new to this, we advise you to start with liquid formats that are easier to work with.

5. Mascara to enlarge the eye

The final touch to complete this illuminating makeup is to use a mascara that enlarges the eye and simulates that it is more awake than ever . Look down and apply the mascara in a zigzag motion.

Super tip.Never, never outline the water line in black —optically your eye will appear smaller— and when applying eye shadows, resort to the gradient technique: darker colors on the outer area of ​​the mobile eyelid and lighter on the inside. In the tear duct you can also use eye shadow as an illuminator. The copper, silver or gold tones —not to mention the glitter finishes— in addition to being devastating, provide light through a tube.

How to hide dark circles

Despite having followed all these tips, dark circles may still be marked on your face, but there is nothing like a few little makeup tricks to hide dark circles and finish off the makeup with an immediate good-looking effect .

check your habits. Try to sleep a little more, reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcohol and drink at least two liters of water a day. Are you one of those who looks at the phone in the dark at midnight
Avoid it because the blue light emitted by the screen can be harmful.

Decongest the area . The mythical slices of cucumber or a couple of bags of very cold chamomile always help.

It enhances the microcirculation . When you apply your eye contour, do it with gentle tapping movements with the pad of your ring finger, as if you were giving it a massage.

How to make up dark circles under the eyes

Recognition . Be sure to look in the mirror with a light that falls on your face from the front and take a look at your dark circles. They are dark, yes, but what else

Neutralize with opposite tones . If they look yellowish, use a shade of purple; if they are reddish, green; and if they tend to violet, an orange tone. The idea is to neutralize your color with opposing shades.

Pre-correction . In this first pre-correction step, use a very small amount with the brush or sponge —focusing only on the dark part— and blend well with a brush or with your ring finger.

Unify . Now unify with a tone that traces the tone of your skin. Apply it on top of the neutralized tone and distribute it all over the contour, blurring again afterwards. When you finish, you will notice the very comfortable area.

Consider the base . Apart from pre-corrector and concealer, do you need a foundation
Use a base that resembles your skin tone and you will not have to worry about the color transition between the contour area and the rest of the face.

Illuminate . In any camouflage operation, there is always a part that consists of diverting attention. Here he focuses on adding light, with a light shadow or an illuminator, in three points: lacrimal, under the arch of the eyebrow and in the middle of the mobile eyelid, coinciding with the width of your pupil.

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