Autumn arrives and with it our desire to change our look (except for those who do not want to give up their XXL hair for anything in the world). Daring to experiment with color and daring with a ginger peach or an illuminated brunette may be fine to start the autumn, but what if we dare with a haircut

We have already announced two hair trends that are going super strong this autumn 2021, the collarbone cut and the mullet, but they are not the only haircuts that are going to sweep this season.
Faced with the maxi manes, increasingly maligned, this autumn 2021 the haircuts are marked by the triumph of the mini manes. With the bob as the basis for most fall haircuts, this season’s hair styles play off the shoulders for a very sophisticated yet youthful look.
If you are one of those who love to change their look when we open the season and are not afraid of scissors, you have to know the five most trending haircuts of autumn 2021 and that represent the triumph of mini hair. Are you ready

Autumn 2021 haircuts: the Collarbone cut

The collarbone cut is a haircut that follows the classic shape of the bob (the bob haircut is always the basis of any hair styling in short or medium hair ) and appears as aperfect hair styling for people who want to change their look and don’t dare to wear it short (it’s also an ideal option to shape your hair when you’re in the process of leaving it long). Like the long bob, the collarbone cut helps to frame the face and can be shaped according to each person

‘s face Autumn 2021 haircuts: the Mullet

The mullet cut is a style that plays with two extensions : shorter on the top of head and sides and longer at back. It admits different types of bangs and its appearance varies according to its length. Building on that foundation, the mullet haircut that’s rocking this fall has a much more polished look.and sophisticated, reinventing the initial concept and revolutionizing (again) the hair universe.

Autumn 2021 haircuts: the French bob

The French bob haircut fits the cheekbone area (neither higher nor lower), giving the face a freshness and naturalness that help when it comes to subtracting years. In the case of the bangs (if you haven’t opted to wear it yet, your time has come), it helps to give the haircut that je ne sais quoi that our French neighbors have and that we are now going to copy to have the Parisian look. With more glamor of all the autumn .

Autumn haircuts 2021: the Shag

The shag (or shaggy) is a very casual haircut thattriumph in the seventies and, like so many other trends, it is back on the crest of the wave this autumn 2021. It is a hair style that is achieved with short and fine layers that add volume to the hair, but that also They can help reduce it. Can there be something better in a haircut than achieving opposite effects so that all women can wear it
Absolutely, yes.

Autumn haircuts 2021: the Carre

It is a haircut that provides a lot of volume and movement , ideal for a type of fine hair, but this time on a rounded face. It has the base of a bob, but it is a carre haircut. To the carefree appearance of her hair we must add the paraded bangs that highlight the look and features of a round heart-shaped face .

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