If there is a proof that spring is among us, it is that everything is full of flowers. After a winter in which the vegetation has been dormant, the emergence of life becomes remarkable with the opening of the flowers and the appearance of the first green shoots . Joy in its purest form that we are looking forward to transferring to the decoration of the house to breathe spring without having to go to the countryside or let ourselves be intoxicated by the aromas of orange blossom.
When it comes to renewing the decoration of the house with the change of season, it is important to take into account the trends in decoration of spring 2021, although it is not always the key to giving a cheerful touch to our home. For this we only need to bet on the right colors with which to maintain harmony and resort to the most beautiful, cheerful and original flowers .
We have already discovered that the flower sheets have the gift to completely change the decoration of a bedroom, now it’s time to bet on the most cheerful and original flowers that cannot be missing in the decoration of the house so that spring is always breathed. If you are a nature lover and you want spring to flood your home, these are the five flowers you should bet on to give your home decoration a cheerful, colorful and wild touch.

Hyacinth bulbs for an original touch

The peculiarity of hyacinths makes bothIn their bulb version , as with the cut flower, they are perfect as a centerpiece, to decorate a shelf with little personality or even a bathroom that is too functional, since hyacinths have the gift of turning the most bland corner into a special place. .
The flowers of the hyacinths appear in clusters of small flowers and we find them in different colors, although our favorites are those that are deep purple. You can combine the various shades in the same color range in a glass vase and see the bulbor (which is the original of this flower) or you can also choose to place them in trays, in brass cans or in original watering cans. If you feel inspired, play with different combinations and fill your entrance or your desk with personality .

Colored tulips to brighten home decoration

Elegant, subtle and ephemeral, this is the flower that brings more color to home decoration in spring . Despite being a beautiful flower, the tulip is very delicate and, once opened, does not last very long. But let that not influence us when it comes to betting on it when it comes to changing the decoration of the house for spring.. When choosing tulips for home decoration, we can play with colors and combine different shades of tulips in the same bouquet.
You can use glass vases that are simple and highlight the beauty of the tulip, original glasses, baskets, watering cans or vintage bottles. You can also play to combine them with other flowers or bet on their exclusive beauty alone. The kitchen, the dining room table or even the entrance will appreciate the note of color that tulips bring to spring .

Lisianthus, the flower that looks like a rose and fills the house with color

. How many times have you seen this type of flower without knowing what its name was

Quite similar to roses, the lisianthus isa fairly resistant flower despite its fragile appearance , which is why it seems perfect to us to bet on it when it comes to changing the decoration of the house for the arrival of spring.
Like roses, lisianthus come in multiple colors, but this time we recommend opting for them in a single hue , if possible intense and combined with other types of plants and wild flowers. The result is a quite natural bouquet that will fill any corner of the house with color (and scent).

Yellow daffodils to bring spring home

If there is a color that is synonymous with happiness, it is yellow. Therefore, betting on daffodils of this color is the touch that the decoration of our house needs this spring.. Although we also find them in white, yellow daffodils will give that spark of joy to any corner of the house.
You can always bet on placing a good bouquet of yellow daffodils in a glass vase but, taking into account that home decoration needs different lighting sources, our recommendation is to use small glass bottles with a couple of daffodils and distribute them throughout the House. Spring will be noticed with these cheerful and colorful flowers.

Eye-catching amaryllis for a tropical touch

This tropical bushy plant is very original thanks to its striking flowers. In very cheerful colors such as pink or red (we also find it in white), they seem perfect to color them alone in any corner of the house. Their striking flowers make amaryllises have their own personality and it is not necessary to combine them with other flowers or plants.
Place them in small pots in the same color as the flowers or that play on the contrast and bet on placing them in a row on a shelf in the living room or at the entrance to give a spring welcome to anyone who crosses the threshold of your house.

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