Age is a state of mind. Regardless of your year of birth, feeling young is an attitude that is usually reflected in how we face life and what we decide what we will look like. When it comes to opting for one style or another, betting on fresh and daring looks gives us a youthful and current air that usually favors all of us. But, so that reflecting our young spirit does not depend exclusively on the clothes we wear, it is necessary to have another ally: our haircut .
We know that a good haircut can give a completely different image of ourselves, especially if we take into account the features of our face when choosing one haircut or another. If, in addition, we take into account the enormous rejuvenating capacity of a haircut , we will have managed to give our appearance a change of air without the need to invest in different styles.
In the same way that makeup becomes the perfect ally when it comes to subtracting years(and adding them up when we don’t take some factors into account), a haircut can help us look younger. After having observed the latest trends in haircuts, we propose those that will make you look younger and, in addition, go to the latest fashion. If you are thinking of making a change of look, bet on one of these five haircuts and you will be spectacular.

Short and Layered

Layers are back and we couldn’t be happier. In addition to being a haircut that helps us gain volume, it is very rejuvenating, especially if you bet on wearing it short. Its casual air gives us a youthful appearance that we can enhance even more if we bet on adding curtain bangs to the haircut. This haircut isvery comfortable for day to day, since you do not need to comb it meticulously. Dry your head upside down and ready.

Polished Bob

It is a completely timeless haircut that always triumphs. Shorter at the nape of the neck, this haircut works very well when it comes to creating a feeling of lengthening the face , as it guides the gaze towards the chin. Elegant, sophisticated and with a Parisian touch, the bob is an ideal haircut to look younger, since the shorter we wear our hair, the more years we will be subtracting. Unlike the previous haircut, this one requires a little more maintenance, since its polished appearance is the key to achieving the desired effect.

Straight and to the shoulders
We have already said that short hair subtracts years. If you don’t dare with layers, opt for a straight cut at shoulder height, a success. The length should not go beyond the shoulders, since what we want to achieve with this haircut is to frame the face . On this occasion, we can also bet on a fringe at the height of the eyebrows. To achieve the rejuvenating effect, we recommend that you go for very deconstructed surf waves .You will be giving movement to an excessively symmetrical haircut and the effect will be youthful and carefree.

the harpsichord
It is called that because it ends at the clavicle and we love it. It’s the perfect haircut for all face types and works wonders for transitioning from short hair to long hair. This haircut is perfect for looking younger because its fresh, natural style that falls over the shoulders with great movement tends to emphasize the lines of the shoulders, neck, and collarbones.

Give up long hairIt is one of the things that costs us the most work, but we know that short hair is the one that most rejuvenates our face. Although there are times that, no matter how much we know the rules and tricks of style, a greater force prevents us from carrying them out. Nothing happens. If you want to continue to maintain your hair but also want to give it that young look , go for layers. Layers are always our allies when it comes to giving our image a fresh look, as they give our hair movement, volume and texture. On this occasion, we recommend that you opt for a fringe to give it a more sophisticated look.

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