Social networks are a bit sneaky and it is thanks to them that we have realized that weddings are celebrated around us again. Although not only social networks have warned us, the two summer weddings that we have suddenly come across have confirmed it for us. For this reason, these days we are going like crazy studying the most fashionable guest dresses and we pray to find that super discounted guest dress with which to succeed in those summer weddings or those that have just arisen.
Although one of the most important aspects in a guest look is her hairstyle, therefore, although we continue in search of that super ideal dress with which we are going to succeed in our summer weddings, having mastered the hairstyle that we bet on , success will be more than assured. You may have decided to experiment with the most trendy braided hairstyles of the summer, but the time has come for you to discover the five guest hairstyles with which to succeed at your summer weddings .
When selecting guest hairstyles for a summer wedding , rather than how easy it is to do or not, what has motivated us has been to find hair styles that, in addition to being sophisticated, arevery comfortable, flattering and cool (especially the latter). Ready to file for the guest hairstyles with which to succeed at your summer weddings

Guest hairstyle: High jumpsuit and very disheveled

As expected, the carefree and messy aesthetic has also reached the universe of weddings, especially if we talk of a summer wedding. The high and disheveled jumpsuit seems ideal for a guest look and it is so easy to do, that once we do it for the first time we will want to wear it always. The secret to the triumph of this hairstyle is the tousled effect and the two loose strands left around the face. You just have to put your hair up in a very high jumpsuit, without taking special care when picking it up, andleave two loose strands in the sideburns area .

Tip : If you want, before you tie your hair up, you can tease the root area a bit to give it volume.

Guest hairstyle: High and wavy ponytail

This guest hairstyle fuses the casual with the most absolute comfort, which, deep down, is what we look for in a summer wedding (especially in such heat). If you want to get a hairstyle of the most casual but with a lot of styleGo for a ponytail with wavy hair. To start, wrap your hair on the curling iron diagonally and fix the waves with hairspray. Next, comb the hair so that the waves are not so defined and collect the hair. Yes, it is easier than you think. The idea is that the ponytail has a casual look, so you should mess up the strands .

Tip : A trick for a spectacular result is to take very small strands by the end and slide the fingers of the other hand along that strand (from bottom to top).

Guest hairstyle: Spike braid crown

A classic in terms of guest hairstyles, but that in summer weddingstakes on special relevance. The spike braid crown is made from two spike braids that we bring to the top of the head to form the crown. By releasing the strands we obtain a much fresher and more natural result .

Tip : We can always complete the hairstyle with a discreet barrette to give the look a special touch.

Guest hairstyle: Low and disheveled

updo A somewhat more sophisticated hairstyle to be the perfect guest at your summer wedding, although this may be the one that takes you the longest to do, but it’s worth it. To achieve the disheveled effect you need an iron or a pair of tongs with which to make very small and marked waves.. Divide the hair into zones and take very small strands that you will undulate little by little. When you have completely wavy hair, take loose strands and place them with hairpins and at your whim in the lower part of your neck .

Tip : Leave a couple of loose strands in the forehead area to give the hairstyle a more casual look.

Guest hairstyle: Bubble ponytail

It is a ponytail , either medium, full or on the side, with small sections along it that form a kind of bubbles in each space, hence the name of this original hairstyle perfect to succeed at weddings, baptisms and communions. Among all the options of guest hairstyles, this may beThe one that is more in trend and with it you will be the most original guest.

Tip : Give some volume to the helmet area of ​​the head so that the ponytail does not look ridiculous and leave a couple of loose strands to give your face a youthful look (if you wear face framing highlights, this hairstyle will be ideal for you) .

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