For those who don’t know yet, a pulse oximeter is a small device that is placed on the fingertips to give you a specific type ofinformation and it is more important than it seems. As a result of the pandemic , the demand for this product has increased considerably, since by calculating the oxygen saturation in your blood , it can stop a problem in time. Amazon has put at our disposal a wide variety of types of oximeters so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. PULOX PO-200 oximeter
The Pulox PO-200 pulse oximeter

measures the oxygen saturation, that is, the SpO2 value , and the pulse accurately and reliably thanks to a comfortable and painless measurement directly on the finger. It is suitable for both personal and professional use.
It is the perfect helper for the home, because you will get the results in a few seconds . This product is suitable for outdoor activities, sports and aviation.Thanks to its small size, it fits in any pocket and can go anywhere.
It is very easy to use for young and old because you can start the measurement exclusively by pressing a button . The values ​​are displayed on the screen and with large numbers that are easy to read.
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Alcedo Pulse Oximeter

This device provides a non-invasive, accurate and reliable way to measure oxygen saturation as well as heart rate in seconds. Allows you to set the upper and lower ranges with alert warnings if their ranges are exceeded.
It’s easy to use because just one button operation makes accurate readings easy to take anytime, anywhere. The large two-color OLED display with includedbrightness adjustment allows for easy reading.
Thanks to its compact and lightweight design you can use it anytime and anywhere. Its silicon fillingProvides a comfortable, slip-resistant fit to fit a wide range of finger sizes.
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Oximeter with LED display

With this product, multiple data can be obtained in a measurement of 10 seconds , which saves additional costs and time for different equipment. At the same time, extremely high portability allows you to pay attention to your health anytime, anywhere.
This item is suitable for use at home or on the go , and can accurately and reliably determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), heart rate, and pulse strength before and after any strenuous activity.
You can set the value of the warning line , eliminate the traditional cumbersome procedures, and all settings are completed with one button. At the same time, electronic manuals in five languages ​​will be sent to you automatically.
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Pulse Oximeter

The finger pulse oximeter is part of daily care and allows us to easily understand our physical condition . It is very suitable for people at home or after a workout. It is also suitable for home users or employees who need to regularly monitor oxygen levels , as well as athletes who want to monitor their blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.
Equipped with two batteries , it offers us up to 24 continuous hours of duration . In addition, the heart rate monitor automatically turns off when there is no signal after 8 seconds.
You will easily obtain accurate measurements in less than 8 seconds, simply by placing one of your fingers on the photoelectric sensor for diagnosis and immediately display the measured value on the screen.
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Medisana Pulse Oximeter

The PM 100 pulse oximeter reliably and accurately measures blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. Both measured values ​​can be displayed on the OLED displayEasy to read in four different perspectives in the form of a bar or wave . After eight seconds, the device turns off automatically, thus saving batteries.
It is not only a companion for everyday life at home, but also for travel. The convenient One Touch operation is ideal for on the go. Measurement starts with the push of a button.
Thanks to the ten available levels, you also have the option of adjusting the brightness of your screen individually to your needs or to the ambient brightness.
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These are some of the reviews they have on Amazon :
“As I expected, it measures theblood oxygen and heart rate in real time . After a few seconds of reading, it shows both levels quite accurately , and remains measuring until you turn it off or remove your finger.”
“It is very useful for me, since I have to check my husband’s pulse due to a slight heart problem. It is very easy to handle. It comes very well prepared with bag and cord. Very good value for money .”
“Very good product, easy, fast and precise , it has a margin of error of zero.I recommend it to everyone, price and superior quality.”

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