Like every month, here we are with new products tested for you , which I would recommend after trying them on myself. A lot of makeup in this September , probably because the temperatures drop slightly and the desire to color the face a little is back to fight the end of the holidays and the return, to school, to work or to our duties. Almost a complete full face, including foundation, lipsticks, an eye palette, a mascara and a facial cleansing device that will change your skin. Here are the September products! Nabla Cosmetics Close-Up Futuristic Foundation, the second skin effect, covering but impalbable
The foundation Nabla Cosmetics Close-Up Futuristic Foundationit is not really a novelty, because it came out at the end of March and was one of the most anticipated products of the brand. For years we most avid fans have been clamoring for it, we wanted to find out if the brand would have conquered us even with a line dedicated to the face base. After the correctors, here he is and, as suspected, he didn’t let us down. Meanwhile , the pack is elegant and minimal but, above all, extremely comfortable . Usually those of fluid products, often in glass, are bulky and do not fit well in beauty, while this is small and compact, while always containing the same 30ml.
What immediately catches the eye is the large amount of shades proposed, as many as 20 , suitable for every complexion and undertone, from the very light one to the really dark one.The formula is fluid at the right point , neither liquid nor pasty, which makes it easy to blend it both with the brush and with the blender . The coverage is buildable : just a drop is enough to cover the whole face for a natural, uniforming but not fake effect. If there is some more important imperfection, you can reapply a veil of product or proceed with the concealer. On mixed skin the duration is very good, it does not particularly tend to shine (but I always powder any foundation) but it does not seem to me that it highlights any skin that I often find myself having, so it could also be suitable for dry skin , if well hydrated . Passed with flying colors!
Source: Nabla CosmeticsCamihawke X We Makeup Ever Liquid Lipstick Umile and Borghese: two passe-partout useful on every occasion
Thanks to the discounts, I admit, I decided to buy the Ever Liquid Lipstick Umile and Borghese by Wemakeup in collaboration with Camihawke, web star and content creator of success. Every day Camilla delights her fans with amusing stories but also with rich content, of cultural dissemination. I like to follow her because she makes me happy, she has red hair like me and she loves my same colors, but above all because she is really very nice, with that right amount of self-irony that she never hurts. Wemakeup
‘s lipsticksinstead I already knew them and the positive opinions have never been wasted, but these two colors in particular (it will also be a bit of a “fangirl” moment
) have pleasantly surprised me, from various points of view. Humble and a warm-trend nude , which on some undertones may turn out to be a bit too orange with some highlights, but has a hint of mauve inside that softens it, especially if applied by blending it. Me and the hot nudes go hand in hand, so nothing better, but what really blew me away is the duration . She resisted a greasy sandwich stuffed with anything, which I voraciously bit down to the last crumb. The result
The perfect and perfectly presentable lipstick, just faded in the internal corners, but practically imperceptible unless you open your mouth wide. Same story for Borghese, an intense, elegant red, not too bright but not too dark , suitable in any situation. The finish is rather warm but, even in this case, it has some blue inside which is revealed above all if applied in a more nuanced and undefined way, perhaps dabbed with the fingers.
Source: Wemakeup Nyx On The Rise Liftscara Mascara, buildable volume for curved and elongated
lashes . This newcomer, theOn The Rise Liftscara, however, it is really suitable for those who need to curl their lashes , because they are too straight, or for those who want to lengthen them. The brush is practical and comfortable, it picks up the right amount of product and it is easy to comb the lashes from the roots, for a not bad volumizing effect . It can be layered without making lumps , but be careful to work it quickly, otherwise it becomes difficult to obtain a clean result.
The formula, once dry, does not move, does not crumble during the day and holds its position. This is why it is suitable for straight lashes , because both using an eyelash curler and going directly to the application of mascara, thismake sure that they do not lower themselves again , keeping their eyes open. Which doesn’t hurt, it’s really very black and I also like to use it as a second layer on very volumizing mascara, to create a practically perfect product, like wearing false eyelashes.
Source: Nyx ​​Professional Makeup Foreo Luna3, the pampering face that cleanses and improves the skin texture
I have always been fascinated by facial cleansing devices, curious to know they really work as you read on the web or if there is only a lot expectation and advertising. I had the opportunity to try the Foreo Luna3, a device that combines sonic vibrations and pulsations, hypoallergenic, to clean and thoroughly cleanse the skin, without being aggressive and without irritating her. I started using it every night, and then every morning, and already after two weeks of use I can say that yes, what is said on the web about this product is the truth. Immediately, from the first use, the skin feels extremely smooth and soft , whatever the detergent used. The grain of the skin appears more compact , does not tighten and the thickenings and small irregularities are attenuated. And very easy to use, can be connected via bluetooth to the phone app to monitor the cleaning routine and decide the intensity of the vibration and pulse, as well as to access the massage section. After the first start, however, it can also be used without the app and, in a very intuitive way, you feel the direction of the pulsations change and that is the time to change the area of ​​the face.
Source: Foreo Makeup Revolution X Carmi Make Magic Eyeshadow palette, to create countless color combinations, at a low cost price Makeup Revolution is famous for its low cost palettes, easy to findand that everyone seems to like them. Some are inspired by palettes of very famous and expensive brands, to ride the fashion of the moment, while others are designed directly by them. What catches the eye is how this brand makes makeup usable for everyone , offering many shades for the face base but also eye shadows and lipsticks, making sure that everyone can have fun and experiment with makeup, without having to spend large sums.
The Make Magic palette, in collaboration with YouTuber Carmi, is really interesting, both in terms of color and quality . The opaque shades blend well, are intense and buttery, pigmentedat the right point. They can be used on a dry base or, for greater intensity, on a wet base and, for metals, also applied with the fingertip. The nuances chosen are particular and allow you to create a great variety of looks . Also appreciable is the presence of a black and a light opaque color, which also make it suitable for creating complete looks , being able to give intensity to the make-up and at the same time managing to blend the edges.
Source: Makeup Revolution

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