MILAN – As every year we are ready to provide a list of the most anticipated art, photography and sculpture exhibitions to be held in 2017 in Italy. We have already talked about some of them, we will return to writing about others as the inauguration approaches. Meanwhile, here are the appointments to mark on the agenda … TURIN – Brueghel on display at La Venaria Reale until February 19, 2017 . Masterpieces of Flemish art . Also in the palace will be held one of the three exhibition-events of 2017:Caravaggio Experience , which can be visited from25 March to 1 October 2017. The exhibition is based on a sophisticated system of multi projections which, together with a combination of musical tracks, uses 57 masterpieces by Caravaggio to create a sensorial universe in which to immerse the viewer. The glittering Parisian world of Toulouse-Lautrec
will be on show at Palazzo Chiablese until 5 March 2017 . The Belle Epoque. MILANIn the Milanese city many exhibitions are scheduled: Palazzo Reale until February carries on the exhibition of Arnaldo Pomodoro and Pietro Paolo Rubens and the birth of the Baroque . At the end of these two exhibitions, several interesting news have been announced: from February 20 the eagerly awaited Keith Haring. About Art , on 8 March Manet and the Modern Paris
(scheduled for Turin, snatched from Milan) will go on show. To follow, in autumn: Dentro Caravaggio, Toulouse-Lautrec. A new realism, between Japonism and photography and Durer and the Renaissance between Germany and Italy .
At the MUDEC-Museum of Culturesfrom March 15th a special exhibition dedicated to the father of abstract art: Kandinskij, the errant knight .The exhibition combines works from the most important Russian museums with examples of popular culture which inspired it to create its symbolic code. Hangar Pirelli Bicocca dedicates its autumn 2017 to one of the most influential Italian artists of the second half of the twentieth century: Fontana. From 21 September Lucio Fontana. Environments ROME – Many important exhibitions have been announced in the capital. The meeting between classic and modern continues at the Ara Pacis Exhibition Space, with Picasso Images . The works, the artist, the character , until February 19. At the Scuderie del Quirinale until 12 March the great exhibition The Universal Museum continues. From Napoleon’s dream to Canova. In the Vatican Museums until February 26 Rembrandt in the Vatican. Images between heaven and earth, while the exhibition Artemisia Gentileschi e il tempo di lei continues until 7 May at Palazzo Braschi . At the Complesso del Vittoriano many exhibitions are scheduled: from the already inaugurated exhibition on Edward Hopper, which will remain until February, to the announced exhibitions on Botero, Giovanni Boldini and Monet. VENICE – This summer the lagoon will host the 57 Biennale d’Arte, from 13 May to 26 November 2017. Among the many cultural offers of the season, at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection await us My weapon against the atomic bomb is a blade of grass. Tancred. A retrospective until March 13 and from August 26 to January 2018 Picasso on the beach VERONA – The Italian tour of Toulouse-Lautrec continues in the city of the Arena, price of Palazzo Forti , from March 25 to September 3, 2017. At the AMO Arena Museo Opera Pablo Picasso again on display until 12 March with Picasso, figures 1906-71 . TREVISO – At the Museum of Santa Caterina until April 17 History of Impressionism. The great protagonists from Monet to Renoir, from Van Gogh to Gauguin. The other two current exhibitions follow the same programming dates:Titian, Rubens, Rembran andFrom Guttuso to Vedova to Schifano. The thread of painting in Italy in the late twentieth century. TRENTO – At MART until February Umberto Boccioni, genius and memory , while until MayPerformance Private and corporate bodies – Depero Futurist Art House . BRESCIA – The great retrospective will be open to visitors throughout the first half of 2017 at Palazzo MartinengoFrom Hayez to Boldini. Souls and faces of nineteenth-century Italian painting. GENOA – Two great artists are on show at the Doge’s Palace: Andy Warhol. Pop Society will remain on display until February 26; to replace him: Modigliani , from March 15th to July 16th. At Palazzo Spinola until February 26thVan Dyck, between Genoa and Palermo. BOLOGNA – The beloved Frida Kahlo on display until March 26 at Palazzo Albergati with The Gelman collection: Mexican art of the 20th century by the Gelman spouses, including works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Maria Izquierdo, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Rufino Tamayo and Angel Zarraga. The autumn expectation for Miro is also growing, always scheduled at Palazzo Albergati. Also in the city of Bologna at Palazzo Belloni the exhibition and event Dali Experience continues , until 7 May. FLORENCE – The spring of Palazzo Strozzi will be dedicated to the video art performances of Bill Viola, fromMarch 10 to July 23. In Santo Stefano al Ponte a total immersion in the art of Klimt is staged until 2 April: Klimt experience. Finally, at the MAF, the National Archaeological Museum, the history of art becomes the object of history itself withWinckelmann, Florence and the Etruscans, The father of archeology in Tuscany until 30 January 2017. NAPLES – For lovers of photography in the Neapolitan city at the PAN – Palazzo delle Arti in Naples until 12 February you can admire the prints of the shots of STEVE MCCURRY. Without borders while from 10 April it will go on showPicasso \ Parade. Naples 1917. PALERMO – Until March and on stage at Villa Zito ,Guttuso. The force of things (22 December 2016 – 26 March 2017). McCurry’s shots will again be the masters in the exhibition spaces of the South: until February at the Steve McCurry Modern Art Gallery . Icons CATANIA – The Escher exhibition continues its Italian tour, this time stopping from March 18 to September 17 at the Palazzo della Cultura.

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