The Real Betis shield has evolved over time to its current composition. The already classic 13 verdiblancas bars are now 62 years old since their first appearance, but until reaching the current shield of the Betico club, it has undergone a great evolution.
In the year of the club’s birth, what was then called Sevilla Balompie had as its shield a circle with two intertwined letters ‘S’ and ‘B’ written in classic characters (1909).

The crown, at the beginning of the 20th century

In 1916 , and after Sevilla Balompie merged with R. Betis FC, a modification of the existing shield was made, adding a crown on the circle. Said crown contained the words ‘Betis Balompie’ inside.
A short time later, the coat of arms would be changed again to a crowned square rhombus , with two ‘B’s’ intertwined inside. Years later the crowned circle would return, adding inside it the two intertwined green ‘B’s on a white background.
In 1931, on the occasion of the establishment of the Second Republic , the coat of arms changed again. As at that time, for political reasons, the shield that was used was out of place, it was decided by an assembly held by the club to change it.
The new design of the shield, chosen among many others, was the one made byEnrique Anino , founding member of the Sevilla Balompie board. This new coat of arms eliminated the crown , converted the circle containing the two ‘B’s into a square rhombus, and added the triangle with thirteen green and white stripes that make up the current coat of arms.

The 13 bars appear on the shield

In 1940, after the civil war , the Franco regime did not pose any problem for the club to incorporate the crown back into its shield, so the crown was added again to the last design.
This fact caused a division of opinions: some used that design while others preferred to return to the one used before 1931.
That diversity of opinion produced by the new design ended on January 8, 1957 . This was the day that the Villamarin Board of Directors approved the design presented by Jose Maria de la Concha , technical secretary of the entity, which would become the official shield that has survived to this day.
This coat of arms integrates the circle crowned with the two intertwined ‘B’s , which appears on the front page, and the triangle of thirteen bars, which is located in the background.
Over time, it has evolved from its initial version, and currently it is common to see the two B’s in black.(and not in green as originally represented), in addition to drawing a smaller circle and a larger crown than those originally presented in De La Concha’s design.
The crown of the Betis coat of arms is described as a closed royal crown , which is a circle of gold, covered with precious stones.

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