The EU pre-pandemic health agenda had some clear priorities:
Vaccines, antibiotic resistance, cancer (intended as both prevention and treatment), data, the connection between clinic and research and the sustainability of health services.
The covid did nothing but emphasize that the guidelines were correct, but also showed that coordination between member states and the joint action of the EU institutions is indispensable, allowing for the common procurement of vaccines, under coordination. of the Commission and the EMA and the historic choice of debt sharing in order to finance the Next Generation EU, which has provided the Member States with the necessary resources to support their respective National Recovery and Resilience Plans, with Italy as the main beneficiary of these funds.
The EU4HEALTH 2021-2027 program entered into force in March 2021 promotes the “One health” approach, and finances initiatives according to 10 specific objectives within the 4 strands:
1. to improve and promote health in the Union
– Disease prevention and health promotion
– International health initiatives and cooperation
2. Addressing cross-border health threats
– Prevention, preparedness and response to cross-border health threats
– Integrating national reserves of essential crisis-relevant products
– Establishment a pool of medical, health and support personnel
3. improve medicines, medical devices and crisis-relevant products
– supply medicines, medical devices and crisis-related products at affordable prices
4. strengthen health systems, their resilience and the efficient use of resources
– Strengthen health data, digital tools and services, digital transformation of health care
– improve access to health care
– develop and implement EU health legislation and evidence-based decision making
– integrated cooperation between national health systems
The objective is to improve and promote the health of citizens in the Union by overcoming cross-border limits, through the integration of European systems and digital health and to increase availability and accessibility, also in economic terms of medicines and medical devices supporting their innovation and efficient use.
The EU4Health program paves the way for a European health union by investing in the most urgent health priorities:
• the response to the Covid 19 emergency and strengthening the EU’s resilience to cross-border health threats
• the European plan to fight cancer
• the pharmaceutical strategy for Europe.
It will also step up work in other areas, such as digitizing health systems, reducing the number of antimicrobial-resistant infections and increasing vaccination rates.
Data and biotechnology: the challenge of the European Union is to protect citizens in their fundamental rights without losing the opportunities to manage change and support innovation, considering that Pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies are the first industrial sector in the world for research intensity and development, ahead of digital which is the second, with an investment value that has reached the record of $ 186 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 25% in 2026. Where
are we
? Meanwhile, there are 2 recent evidences of how Europe has planned to organize itself to deal with the coordination and cooperation that are: Hera and European health data space.
The European Authority for Preparation and Response to Health Emergencies (HERA) will make it possible to respond quickly and effectively to health emergencies by having, for example, the possibility of purchasing medicines, medical devices and raw materials suitable for crisis management, to activate industrial structures reserved for the production of vaccines and therapeutic products and to set up a committee for health crises with the other Member States.
The European Health Data Space will improve access to different types of health data and their exchange, but also for the purposes of public health, therapy, research and innovation in Europe, based on three main pillars:
• a solid data management system and rules for data exchange
• the quality of the data
• a solid network of infrastructures and interoperability.

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