It has been difficult for Spain to take off in the European Championship . Despite this, it is already in the round of 16 where Croatia awaits us this Monday. The classification has not been exempt from suffering, having to play the pass to the next round in the last game of the group. The wives of the soccer players summoned by Luis Enrique for the Euro 2020 dispute have participated in this agony. They are the other protagonists of the Spanish team , a fundamental axis that forms the backbone of the lives of soccer players.
Undoubtedly, the best known faces are Edurne and Alice Campello , De Gea ‘s partners andMorata , respectively. The singer is one of the great supports of the Manchester United goalkeeper, who is not going through a good time and has lost ownership. They both recently became parents and are very happy with little Yanai. Edurne has almost two million followers on Instagram.
For her part, Alice Campello and Morata form one of the most envied couples on social networks. The harmony between the two is total. In social networks they always share their happiest moments and the occasional joke. Alice, who never fails on big dates, goes with Spain although she wishes her native Italy all the best. The model, businesswoman and influencer has three children with the Juventus striker. Also has2.5 million followers on Instagram , where he plays an active role. Edurne and Alice Campello take over from the generation that other celebrities such as Pilar Rubio , Shakira , Sara Carbonero and Daniella Semaan once starred in .
In the second rank would be Elena Galera , wife of Sergio Busquets , Romarey Ventura , wife of Jordi Alba and an incipient Patricia Noarbe , partner of Marcos Llorente .. Elena Galera has not gone through her best moment, since her husband has been about to not go to the European Championship due to an untimely contagion of coronavirus. Finally, the Barcelona player and captain of the national team was able to make his debut against Slovakia, being the most valuable player of the match. Galera maintains a close friendship with other wives of soccer players such as Antonella Rocuzzo or Sofia Balbi , wives of Leo Messi and Luis Suarez. Busquets’ wife worked as a nurse at the Parc Tauli Hospital Universitari de Sabadell.

Romarey Ventura ,Jordi Alba ‘s wifeand mother of her children, she is an influencer who has half a million followers on social networks, a figure somewhat far from those mentioned above. Romarey is faithful to her husband’s games, as she shows every time FC Barcelona wins a title. The young Sevillian has studied Tourism and also works as a model.

Patricia Noarbe , better known as Paddy , isMarcos Llorente ‘s partner . It is common to see them together in their social publications. Paddy leads a very active life on social media. Like her boyfriend, she shares her statuesque figure, her training routines or her eating habits. Paddy, considered one of the fitness influencersmost relevant on the national scene, points out ways as a future celebrity.
One of the last to join the group has been Sara Botello . Her boyfriend, the Frenchman Aymeric Laporte , achieved Spanish nationalization and was summoned by Luis Enrique. This young woman from Bilbao lives in Manchester with the City defender. The model also often shares images and moments of her training and personal care.
In social networks, Beatriz Espejel ,Koke ‘s wife, is also well known.. They both have a son together, little Leo. Espejel is an influencer and businesswoman. The wife of the Atletico de Madrid midfielder has a language academy. She loves to travel, learn about other cultures, fashion and animals. She has a degree in Teaching Physical Education and Teaching Foreign Language.
Other more discreet profiles correspond to the partners of Gerard Moreno , Cesar Azpilicueta or Pablo Sarabia . Nuria is the wife and mother of the two daughters of Gerard Moreno . The longtime girlfriend she married almost three years ago. Adriana Guerendiain and Cesar Azpilicuetathey have known each other since they were teenagers. Their networks are not open, so very little is known about their social life. Finally, Carmen Mora isPablo Sarabia ‘s partner , one of the revelations on the list and author of a double against Slovakia. The young woman prefers to lead a life away from the spotlight.

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