It looks like Holly and Benji , but it really happened in the Champions League . Marcelo Brozovic , in the second half of Barcelona Inter , came up with something brilliant to stop the Blaugrana free-kick. There was no Messi , injured in the Liga match against Sevilla, but the danger was still great. On the ball the gunslinger Luis Suarez , who kicked the ball low. The Croatian midfielder, positioned behind the barrier, threw himself into a slide at the same time as the shot. The ball was intercepted right by Brozovic ‘s back, thus thwarting an opportunity for the hosts. Not bad for Valverde’s team, who then doubled with Jordi Alba , closing the match 2-0.
Falta llencada for @ LuisSuarez9 i que fa @BrozovicMarcelo
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Here is the crocodile move 🐊 #epicbrozo 🤔
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The gesture of the Interista, which immediately went viral, is still picturesque even if it has had its emulators in history. Here are the most particular cases.

Second penalty – Also at Camp Nou, on 14 February 2016, Messi and Suarez successfully tested the second penalty against Celta Vigo. This type of gesture is not prohibited by the regulation but is still risky if not kicked well.
The most famous precedent is Ajax Helmond Sport from 1982. The penalty went down in history because it was a real triangle between Johan Cruyff and Jesper Olsen .
Be careful because the choice to take a penalty kick in this way can also be badly executed. Ask Pires and Henry . During Arsenal Manchester City in 2005, the Gunners duo starred in a comedy scene that did not honor their talent.

The Higuita Scorpion – The most curious feat on a soccer field is probably the move of the Colombian goalkeeper’s scorpion. Rene Higuita, who also scores 45 goals in his career, preferred to parry with his feet rather than with his hands. But his way of intercepting the balls was absolutely out of the ordinary.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco –Squeeze the ball between your feet, jump and leave your opponents at the post. The bizarre idea was by the Mexican Blanco who patented the so-called cuauhtemina.

The hole of Maspero – 14 October 2001, Delle Alpi stadium in Turin, derb y between Juventus and grenade. Bianconeri ahead 3-0 in the first half, before undergoing the sensational comeback of Toro up to 3-3. At 89 ‘Juve have the chance to win the game with a penalty. Before Salas ‘s serve , Maspero approaches the spot and starts digging a small hole. The Chilean does not notice anything and, perhaps also because of that clod, kicks high the penalty of the possible victory.

The set pieces of Catania– The free kicks and set kicks of Walter Zenga ‘s Catania (2008-2009) have become a must in the “football oddities” category. All thanks to Gianni Vio , assistant to the coach, pioneer of the so-called “organized confusion”. According to Vio, only on a corner kick, there are 4830 solutions. One of the variants also includes the shorts lowered to distract the goalkeeper.

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