The health pandemic caused by the coronavirus has changed our way of relating, working and also studying. The rapid contagion of Covid-19 left us confined for months, without the possibility of going out to study or work. Hence, public and private entities, companies and educational centers have striven to change their face-to-face work models for other electronic or online ones.
This is the case of Emasesa, which has carried out a project to transform its electronic headquarters, to make it more accessible and reach more users.

Renewed online office

Until now, the electronic headquarters ofEmasesa has 102,000 registered users , who will now go to the renewed electronic office, where Emasesa has incorporated a series of improvements that improve its accessibility and that will allow the user to carry out the procedures they need, from any place and at any time.
There will also be new services and messages with information of interest to the user, the possibility of accessing from any device: computer, mobile or tablet and, lastly, the double authentication factor to validate access.
With this project, the public water company takes another step with which it is advancing in its strategy of innovation and corporate digital transformation, whose purpose is to improve the services it provides to the population in line with the advances provided by new technologies and digital platforms.

From the renewed online office, procedures such as consulting current and historical invoices and consumption, payment of pending invoices, updating contact and payment information, sending the meter reading, contracting new services can be carried out safely. or the change of ownership of the contract.
Access to the online office is easy , it is only necessary to write the NIF,NIE, CIF (including the letter) of the user, then write the password used until now and, finally, modify this password for a new one. If the user is not registered, they can request it in the registration option of

Other customer service channels

With the advent of the Internet in our lives, society has changed its habits of relating to service companies, making use of their digital channels that offer immediate, autonomous and effective solutions. In this way, throughout the year 2020, Emasesa has attended to more than 380,000 procedures from citizens in its face-to- face offices, but also in its virtual offices, email andphone.
Without forgetting that, in this year and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of procedures carried out by telephone and internet has increased .Thus, a notable increase can be seen in the procedures handled electronically in 2020, processing up to 260,000, compared to 200,000 in 2018.

Attention to the citizen

The new way users interact with Emasesa in recent times, however, has not caught the public water company off guard, as it has a digital transformation plan planned.
Thus, work is currently being done on the development of a comprehensive strategy focused on the citizen to whom it provides services, which places them at the center of the organization.. In addition to investing in virtual channels, such as social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, where Emasesa has its own profile.

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