Two earthquakes, both with a magnitude greater than 4, occurred about an hour apart from each other in Reggiano last night. The first quake was recorded at 19.55 in Bagnolo in Piano, in the province of Reggio Emila, at a depth of 7 kilometers. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology’s magnitude estimate has been revised to 4.0, after the first initial estimate between 3.9 and 4.4 on the Richter scale.
The quake was clearly felt by the local population, as evidenced by many comments posted on social media. The earthquake, we read several posts, was “pretty strong”.
It was a short shock, but clearly felt in the lower Emilia region. It was clearly felt in the two capitals, but also in many neighboring areas, up to the border areas of Lombardy and Veneto. At the moment there is no damage to people or property, although this morning the reconnaissance of public buildings will start, especially schools to make sure they are not damaged ..
The earthquake has awakened fear in an area, which almost ten years ago came severely hit by an earthquake that caused deaths and damage. Second shock in Reggiano
A second earthquake was felt in the Reggiano at 21 this evening. According to the Ingv, the second quake was of magnitude 4.3. At first it was estimated at between 4.2 and 4.7. It occurred three kilometers from Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia. The firefighters, from a very first check, at the moment do not report damage, but further checks are in progress. In Modena the show at the theater
was interrupted In Modena, due to the earthquake, the show in memory of Mirella Freni at the municipal theater was interrupted. The choir, as soon as it arrived on the stage, was let out and then the people too gradually left the hall. The concert was therefore canceled. Bonaccini: “No damage reported, system alerted”
“At 9 pm a second shock, of magnitude 4.3 (to be confirmed) affected the province of Reggio Emilia again. It was clearly felt in the neighboring provinces, up to Bologna city. It followed the first, which had been of intensity 4.0. No damage has been reported, even though many citizens took to the streets. The Regional Operations Center (Cor) of Civil Protection in Bologna was opened immediately and those in Modena, Marzaglia and Reggio Emilia were activated “. And the update of the president of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini.
“The Civil Protection – he continues – is working for the checks, together with the Fire Brigade and the Police Forces. Together with the Prefects of the provinces concerned. I am at the Operations Center of Marzaglia, in Modena, for a more effective contact with the mayors and local administrators, while the councilors Priolo and Mammi are at the operational centers of Bologna and Reggio Emilia. The regional system is alerted, close to the local communities “. Another shock, the third in just over an hour
Another shock, the third in just over an hour and lighter than the first two, was recorded in the province of Reggio Emilia. The Ingv reported a magnitude 2.6 still with its epicenter in Correggio, at 21.14. Mayor of Campogalliano: “The memory goes to the previous earthquake”
“Strength and courage, our legs are shaking a little, also because our brain remembers the previous earthquakes of 2012, 1996, etc … just to talk about our area”. The mayor of the municipality of Campogalliano (Modena) writes it on Facebook, after the earthquake felt in the evening with an epicenter in Reggiano, but clearly felt also in the Modena area. “We are already organizing for a check-up in all our school facilities; if there are no contrary orders, tomorrow everything will be normal”, she adds. Three more aftershocks, magnitude less than 3
After the second earthquake in Emilia, at 9 pm in Correggio with epicenter 4.3, there were three aftershocks, again in the Reggiano area. At 21.06, according to the Ingv, of magnitude 2.2 in Bagnolo in Piano, then at 21.14, again in Correggio, magnitude 2.6 and then at 21.37 in Bagnolo, 2.7. Mayor of Correggio: “Fear, but for now no damage”
“A lot of fear, many people have taken to the streets, some have not yet returned. At the moment we have no reports of damage to buildings or people. scruple organizing inspections in schools and we are available to citizens “. Ilenia Malavasi, mayor of Correggio, a municipality in the Reggio area, epicenter of the second earthquake felt in Emilia, says this.Fire Brigade: “Leave the telephone lines free”
At the moment the operations room of 115 in Modena is receiving many calls for information, but no reports of criticism. The firefighters, after the two tremors clearly felt also in the province, invite the population to call the emergency numbers for information, but to leave the lines free for emergencies.

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