Marriage is a moment of delightful understanding and sharing, not only between you as a couple, but also between you and all your guests: the guests who will share your emotions, embracing you on such a day. Something that even if already magnificent, even if only with your presence, being the story of your love story, becomes complete and perfect especially with the people who will be next to you , those you love and who make your daily life precious.
Photo via Andrea Di Cienzo Photography
Among these, one of the now preponderant figures of your wedding party is the maid of honor, usually the best friend of the bride, the one who will accompany her during the most beautiful day of her life. And for her we have thought of these precious tips regarding her dress, after having proposed a roundup of the most beautiful models for 2017 here. 1. The fundamentals
Tradition has it that the choice of the dress and its color is up to the bride herself. Normally, since there is rarely only one, all the bridesmaids are made to wear the same dress, of the same color, so what is really essential is that the choice of model is particularly adaptable to women with different silhouettes. The color of the year is greenery, a fairytale shade of green, but others particularly in vogue in 2017 are: the soft pink and sky blue ones, or the more charged and marked ones of burgundy, petrol green and midnight blue. Absolutely forbidden black and white ! And speaking of DONT’s here are 5 things you should never do at a wedding here.
Photo via Asos Cerimonia 2. The variations
Since there is no pleasure in remaining completely bound to the rules, a very common tradition is to have bridesmaids with different dresses but of the same color or, more rarely, the same model whose colors are just different. One of the most common choices in this sense is that the bridesmaids’ dresses are chromatically close to the bride’s bouquet.
Photo via Melania Fumiko3. The time
The season, the theme and the part of the day your wedding will be celebrated are all you need to know for the perfect bridesmaid dress. For example, day weddings are perfect for short dresses with a flared cut; while instead among the possible evening models the suits for traditional and more formal ceremonies are more suitable, and the long dress if the chosen style is more relaxed and friendly, as in the case of shabby chic and boho chic.
Photo via Latophotography
Everything else you need to know is very closely related to that special day of yours, because in the gestures and rituals that the bridesmaids will perform too, there will be something that will add voices to the story of your love. But from now on you know everything that is needed for the bride’s friends to be as perfect – almost – as perfect as the bride! Here are the 5 must-see trends for the perfect 2017 bridesmaid! Photo via Asos Cerimonia – Melania Fumiko – Andrea Di Cienzo Photography – Latophotography

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