The marriage proposal traditionally represents an important moment for many women, long awaited and desired.The VIPs , often protagonists of blatant gestures and mind-boggling expenses to declare themselves to their partner, turn on the female imagination . There are those who prefer spectacularity and those who, instead, focus on romanticism without too many frills. In any case, there are not a few proposals from celebrities that allow you to daydream. Fedez
‘s marriage proposal to Chiara Ferragni had a notable media coverage . On the occasion of one of his concerts at the Verona Arena , the rapper made the blogger go on stage and, presenting himself in a tuxedo in front of her, he sang the words of a song written especially for his sweet destination Di lei. At the end of the song,he knelt down and, as in a movie, through tears, he asked her to marry him by handing her a precious ring. The influencer burst into tears and whispered yes, to the applause and screams of the thousands of people present . Kanye West’s choice is also original . The American rapper, to ask his partner Kim Kardashian in marriage , rented an entire baseball stadium in San Francisco. After blindfolding his girlfriend all the way, Kanye took off the blindfold while an orchestra of 50 people started playing the song “Young and beautiful”.by Lana del Rey. On the notes of the song that reads, in fact, “You will still love me when she is not young and beautiful
“, the rapper knelt down as usual showing her a 15-carat diamond and got the yes of the beautiful Kim. The two got married and had two children. The proposal made by quarterback Tom Brady to his girlfriend Gisele Bundchen
is definitely expensive but tender . To leave the Brazilian model speechless, the athlete had her partner take a ride on a private jet on Christmas Eve . Between white roses and champagne, Leonardo Di Caprio’s splendid ex was able to hug her parents as well. Brady, in fact, wanted his in-laws to be presentwhen asking for Gisele’s hand. The couple, after the wedding, gave birth to two children.
Speaking of marriage proposals, it is mandatory to mention the English royal family. The wedding between Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been broadcast around the world. But not everyone knows that to ask Kate, the eldest son of Charles and Diana, she chose Kenya as the location. The two, in fact, were in Africa for a safari . Right there, William gave his girlfriend a very special engagement ring . The jewel, in fact, belonged to his mother Lady D. Three children were born from the union between Kate and William.
The actorJoe Manganello has overcome a difficult challenge to make the proposal to his colleague Sofia Vergara . The True Blood star delivered the statement to her partner entirely in Spanish , learning the language for the occasion. A really sweet gesture that won the heart of the beautiful Colombian naturalized American actress and model. The two have been happily married for three years.

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