Pets are everything to us. We try to take care of them and pamper them because they are one of the family. Inditex knows this very well and that is why the dogs have become the models for the new Zara campaign, the group’s flagship.
Already in February 2021 they launched the group’s first collection of clothing and accessories for our furry ones with a fun campaign in which the canines exuded style in every little step they took alongside the models who were their true owners.
The image with which Zara presents its new autumn/winter collection powerfully draws attention to the diversity seen in a single image: men and women of different ages and different countries. But in another of the images they try to show what is really important: the dogs. The models go unnoticed in some of the photographs wearing all black and giving the animals color to the bell.
“The New Pet collection Zara AW21”. This is the name of the new collection for our furry ones that comes loaded with new ideas so that your pet is the “coolest”. From raincoats, through sweaters to jackets. Accessories such as identification plates of different shapes, necklaces or straps have not been lacking in this precious collection.

Accessories to match your pet

Some of the accessories are designed exclusively so that both the owner and his pet go in harmony. As is the case with this man who wears a matching hat with the dog’s sweater.
Like this case, we find several more in the new collection. And although not all the garments are still available (as in the case of this adorable knit beanie with a pompom that we show in the following image), you can leave your email so that they send you a notification for when it is on sale in the right section ” coming soon” let me know.
For the moment, if Zara has already created the need for you to buy something for your furry friend and time is beginning to accompany these garments, you can access more than the 20 products available with a price that varies from €7.95 to €29.90 . The sizes vary depending on the garments (from XXS to XXL).
If you are interested in accessing the collection, you can do so through this link. What they have made clear is that once again the firm has conquered our hearts and that of our furry ones, managing to be the center of attention and be on everyone’s lips.

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