Telecinco will open the documentary Dolores Vazquez: The truth about the Wanninkhof case, which had a total success in its premiere on the HBOMax platform. The docuseries about the convoluted and gruesome story of the young woman murdered in Mijas in 1999, and which has had the participation of Toni Moreno as executive producer, thus makes the leap to the small open screen.
At this time it is not known when it will be broadcast by the Mediaset chain. Its broadcast is logical as its affiliated company Unicorn Content is the producer.

Produced by Toni Moreno

For Dolores her life stopped on October 9, 1999when Rocio dies and then when a year later they arrest her. And it has really stopped. He has lived as in a loop. When I call her and sit down with her I see that nothing has changed,” journalist Toni Moreno, executive producer of the documentary, who covered the event in her first years of work for a local Andalusian channel, told Efe
. dates back to 1999, when the 19-year-old Rocio Wanninkhof disappeared in Mijas (Malaga) and, after several weeks of searching and with the media focused on the case, her body appeared

.and in the face of great social pressure, Dolores Vazquez, her mother’s ex-partner, was arrested without clear evidence and, after a trial riddled with irregularities, a popular jury found her guilty of a “crime of passion.” He spent 519 days in jail until a retrial was ordered.

Sonia Carabantes

Meanwhile, in 2003 the lifeless body of another teenager, Sonia Carabantes, appeared in Coin (Malaga). The police found his murderer, the British Tony Alexander King, and when comparing the samples with the Wanninkhof case, it was discovered that he was the same culprit and Vazquez was exonerated.
I think I owe my whole life to Sonia Carabantesand there isn’t a night that I don’t think about it,” Vazquez points out in the documentary in which he has participated because he needs “people to know more about the case and for this not to happen again.
” ” This documentary is made so that the new ones are coming . One thing she told me is that people who are studying law don’t know about her case. Not even the people who study journalism. That it doesn’t happen again, this is what we want”, Moreno points out about this documentary, which “uncovers the shamelessness of our country”.
Nobody did their job well, not even myself. I also judged her as a journalist. Neither the journalists, nor the judges, nor the investigators did their job well,” says the communicator, alluding to the “media circus” that was organized around the case, driven largely by the frequent television appearances of Rocio’s mother. Alicia Hornos, who today still accuses Vazquez of being involved.

Alicia Hornos continues to accuse

her Hornos also appears in the documentary, defending her version. ” Alicia for me was another victim. She was told that this woman had killed her daughter. And she used all the instruments she could as a mother because she believed the version of the Civil Guard. I think that Alicia knows the truth perfectly, that the two have loved each other very much and that they are victims of everything that happened,” Moreno points out.
In Dolores: the truth about the Wanninkhof case, there is also an allusion to the vague motives that led her to prison, including his sexuality, at a time when homosexuality was out of the ordinary.
This lady was arrested because she had very bad luck, there was a host of errors, like Kafka’s process, which all fit, because she was a lesbian, because she was harsh in her gesture… But that’s it. There was not a single test. No one managed to put her in the place of the facts,” Moreno points out.

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