How the Impressionists looked at the world
What relationship they had with technique, color, light and the universe of forms that made up reality in front of their eyes
How their works were received
How they went from being rejected by critics and public to become in a few years among the most loved in the world “Secret Impressionists”, the exhibition that collects 50 hidden masterpieces
A fascinating journey to discover the most exciting and engaging artistic movement in the history of art through 50 masterpieces hidden in the largest collections private to the world
To find out, the docu-film produced by Ballandi and Nexo Digital and directed by Daniele Pini arrives at the cinema,conceived to tell the artistic revolution of the Impressionist movement through fifty hidden treasures exhibited for the first time in Rome until March 8 at Palazzo Bonaparte on the occasion of the exhibition produced and organized by the Arthemisia Group. Courtesy of Nexo Digital, Libreriamo readers can exclusively download or use the coupon below to purchase their cinema ticket at a reduced price. A journey into the world of the secret impressionistsand an immersive journey into the intimacy of the Impressionists and their paintings that aims to offer a “privileged” visit that stimulates the curiosity of the spectators and gives them a perspective on the works complementary to the live experience, allowing spectators to room to immerse yourself in the work of painters and grasp new details. The two curators of the exhibition, Claire Durand-Ruel and Marianne Mathieu , will accompany the spectators on an articulated journey, where wide-ranging images will find their ideal counterpoint in the analyzes carried out by experts, historians, artists and other figures linked to the world of modern painting. and visual culture. Berthe Morisot, the impressionist painter who defies her time
The history of art is studded with women who managed to emerge despite a society that for centuries opposed the freedom and affirmation of women The works on display
The paintings in the exhibition, works by Manet, Caillebotte, Monet, Berthe Morisot, Cezanne, Sisley, Signac , will be both the starting point and the arrival point in the deepening of the paths of the individual authors and the peculiarities of the movement. The film will also feature the story of the exhibition set-up and that of the inauguration, a focus on Palazzo Bonaparte, a place of great charm that will open its doors for the first time to spectators for this special occasion, and an in-depth study on the figures of the curator and collector, to emphasize the many aspects of the work that led to the creation of the ambitious project The Secret Impressionists . The interventions
Through an in-depth study that is also an intimate confession, the more reserved and less known characters of the Impressionists will be evoked, also thanks to the interventions of experts such as art historians Alain Tapie and Sergio Gaddi, the writer and essayist Melania Mazzucco, the photographer and director Fabio Lovino, artist Giuliano Giuman and collector Scott Black. Courtesy of Nexo Digital, Libreriamo readersthey can exclusively download or use the following coupon to purchase a reduced price ticket to the cinema.

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