Because the footballer Marta , who has scored more goals with Brazil than Pele and is an inspirational model for young players, cannot have the same narrative charm as her male counterpart . won the World Cup (which men failed to do) despite the country on its knees due to the tsunami a few months earlier
And what about Megan Rapinoe and her fight for equal rights
Romance, success stories and determination against system and prejudices, in football as well as in sport in general, do not know sex distinctions.So, at least it should be, according to Sara Liguori’s artistic gaze, aka Sarita, illustratorwho lives in Florence (but originally from Castellamare di Stabia) and who for two years has dived into the world of football holding a pencil and a palette of colors (with due poetic licenses, also having graphic tablets available): “He was born after meeting the guys from Zona Cesarini, they made a series of football themed film presentations and I created some posters for each screening. I still remember Socrates, one of the best-selling graphics still today as a t-shirt. With them I discovered the romantic side of football even though I grew up in a family where Maradona was idolized and Napoli still supports today: I became passionate about sports literature and slowly I thought of setting up my own independent project ».
An artistic path, started first in high school and then developed and expanded during the three years of academy in Florence even if it focused more on sculpture. A world that, however, she soon abandoned to seek her winding path, made up of hesitations and other professions (how hard it is to “make a living” of art
) before convincing herself to invest in herself and in her passion for illustration : specific courses, rounds of contacts, tips and tricks from the most experienced, a Facebook page and an Instagram profilecreated ad hoc to show their creations and make their way in a sector that remains tightly knit, but without open rivalry: “A more childish dimension is regained, far from preconceptions and more purely linked to the love of football: it is a small world that you share with others who comfort you because they give you a great sense of belonging. I have to thank Gianni Galleri who I met at the first edition of the Offside Fest: he gave me advice and motivated me, encouraging me and convincing me that it was worth believing ».
Last year, he followed the World Cup in Russia on a daily basis, posting at the end of the day a summary illustration of the games seen or some focus on a particular player or moment. A satisfaction, she says, to know that many of her friends kept up with the world championship event by following her page and not directly the official channels or newspapers. And here we are, a year later with the women’s edition of the World Cup in France, the first in 20 years in which Italy is once again the protagonist. The whole football movement believes in this competition as a turning point between a before and after in public opinion and also in the rights of footballers, in terms of sponsors, remuneration and, more generally, respect.: «Football is a manifesto of what revolves around us also on the female world and on the role of women herself. It annoys me to hear the usual controversy about the woman who does not understand tactics for this reason I felt the need to have my say focusing on positive communication, without making controversy or falling into the usual rhetorical or even “hyperfemmic” speeches. How to do
it The only way is to enhance the successes, I do not say to look at women for taking a stand, I only say that in women’s football there is as much poetry as in the men’s one ».
Stories of women who fought, which must be emphasized, to which society in the past and still today places blocks, limits, forces them to take other paths or simply says “you can’t do it”. Sarita wants to tell girls who are motivational models, for themselves first of all, but who can become darlings to hang in the bedrooms of this or the next generation. Gama, captain of the women’s national team, who shares the name with Sarita, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of the FIGC, in front of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, said :
However, many do not know the sacrifices we made when we were children, simply to be able to practice the sport we love, and those made in recent years even off the pitch so that we could be recognized for our space and the possibility of expressing ourselves at our best. For me and my companions today is a party. Many of us have been present on many fronts in the last three years and are witnesses – especially to ourselves – of what was a first journey in search of our dimension. We know that in addition to sporting values ​​and our competitiveness, the desire to give the best in the field driven by our passion and the desire to best represent our country, we have had an extra strength that has moved us with constant motion, the strength that only the ability to dream of something greater can give you. This strength and the courage to think that we can change the face of our sport in Italy, make our splendid world known to all Italians, especially Italian girls, create new models for them to be inspired by and trace a less inaccessible path. for their future.

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