Time doesn’t stop . Today, June 1, marks exactly one year since Jose Antonio Reyes, who was a Real Madrid and Sevilla player as the main reference teams, lost his life in a spectacular traffic accident.
At the age of 35 , the soccer player suffered a traffic accident that took place at 11:40 in Utrera. The vehicle he was driving left the road at more than 180 kilometers per hour causing his death on the spot and also that of one of his 23 -year-old cousins . Another cousin
of Reyes was
traveling in the same vehicle , who was seriously injured and with burns .in 65% of his body after trying to rescue his two companions from the burning car. The death of the utrerano caused a great commotion among his relatives who, to this day, continue to mourn his loss.
The utrerano was very loved among his colleagues and former colleagues of his, as well as within the Sevilla family, where they paid him several tributes.
Reyes, 35 years old , left behind a widow and three children. The eldest, from a first relationship, joined Real Madrid shortly after the death of his father and the president of the Club, Florentino PĂ©rez, has promised to take charge of him until he turns 18 . At the moment, the son of Reyesstands out with his play in the infantile B, a team in which he debuted with a goal, assist and dedication to his father.
In addition, Reyes had two other girls , the result of his marriage to Noelia Perez . Her widow, during this year, has shown photos of her with the soccer player on social networks and, at the beginning of May , with a photo of Reyes with her daughters, Triana and Noelia, aged two and seven.

A great footballer

, Jose Antonio Reyes, arrived at Sevilla FC when he was ten years old . He quickly went through all the categories, from cadet to subsidiary. “He was small, cheeky, with that long black hair. We were European champions in Munich with him on the team,” recalls Pablo Blanco, the mythical sevillista captain and responsible for the Sevilla academy for more than 30 years.
His good game and his way of being made him the youngest Sevilla footballer to debut in the elite, when he was only 16 years and four months old.“He is the greatest pure talent that the Sevilla youth academy has given,” says Blanco, who affirms that he remains “with his joy and his desire to succeed.”

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