The anniversary on the first Friday of February The initiative was born about ten years ago from the idea of ​​an elementary school teacher. Today it is a symbol of inclusion and respect for others . Fabiana Cofini
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9 of Socks Unmatched
How many times, emptying the washing machine or opening a drawer, we found ourselves with only one sock of the original couple. Today, if you can’t find the other, feel free to wear two different ones, as we celebrate the day of mismatched socks. Precisely these garments have become a metaphor for diversity because, even if of different shape, color and length, they will always and in any case remain socks.
The initiative is celebrated on the first Friday of February and has now also become a social phenomenon that aims to launch a message of solidarity and inclusion. It may be a coincidence, but this year comes the day after the first time on the stage of the Ariston in Sanremo of an ‘en-travesti’ co-host, Drusilla Foer, who conquered the audience with a monologue on integration: ” I don’t like diversity, because it has something comparative and a distance that just doesn’t convince me. I want to talk about uniqueness. ” The origins of the day of unmatched socks
That the anniversary has now become a collective heritage, as demonstrated by the quantity of photos and messages posted on social networks with the hashtag # calzinispaiati2022. However, the paternity of the initiative belongs to an elementary school in Terzo di Aquileia , in the province of Udine. It is there that the teacher Sabrina Flapp , about ten years ago, had the idea of ​​making a pair of socks rise as a symbol of integration and acceptance of differences. An idea embraced over the years by many Italian schools. Today the teacher Sabrina has moved to another complex, but in the institute of Terzo, and beyond, the teachers continue to follow in her footsteps. As Patrizia Furnari , a primary school teacher for seven years, tells us .
“I feel lucky to have met Sabrina Flapp and to have found myself involved in this very special experience”, she tells us, stressing that she shares this enthusiasm with her colleagues. “It all started looking for a simple way to explain to children a profound concept such as diversity, paying great attention to the various ages we are dealing with. We started with a sock and then continued with nursery rhymes, drawings and handiwork. So over the years the socks have been transformed into many things, even puppets “.
When asked about the initiatives carried out this year, the voice lights up with emotion: “In addition to wearing different socks as always, this year each child has created a shape with his own garment that would represent him. We are enthusiastic about the results and amazed to see that all the silhouettes are smiling “. “It was not easy – confessed the teacher – to maintain serenity between quarantines and absences, but despite Covid, we were able to convey the concept that diversity and respect for others represent a wealth”.
Fundamental in getting the message across to children, in addition to the commitment of the school, that of families. The confirmation that the goal has been achieved, as Patrizia Furnari tells us again, came from the sentence pronounced by the young pupils: “We are the same in front of the rules, but each one is different and for this reason it is special”.
Enzo Miccio The socks as a stylistic code
Beyond the symbolic meaning, unmatched or not, for some years, socks have become an increasingly less casual accessory, a detail that, in a well-finished ‘outfit’, can make the difference. As confirmed by the most famous wedding planner on TV and very stylish connoisseur of the latest fashion trends: Enzo Miccio .
“First of all, let’s talk about men’s socks, sock bothers me a bit” he is quick to point out, then he reiterates that “it has become a prince accessory in men’s fashion. Today choosing the right sock is equivalent to knowing how to match the tie or the pocket handkerchief “, he states, underlining that,” if before men limited themselves to wearing dark-colored socks, today they dare more, also choosing bright shades to play down a suit , perhaps wearing the socks with a pair of sneakers. The flicker of fantasy is there, all you need is to have the color on in the right context ”, he continues. He says he is against unmatched socks, but what disturbs him even more are the sports socks that more and more celebrities choose to wear. “Terry socks for sports under a suit
A real ugliness “.
Gianni Ippoliti For Gianni Ippoliti everything starts from the shoe
Among the television faces most loved by the public there is a host and author of programs who has made creativity a stylistic figure, also with regard to socks, Gianni Ippoliti. “It all started with shoes”, he tells us: “Passionate about fashion, years ago, at a shoe show, walking around the stands, I saw two shoes of the same model, but of a different color. They were samples, not for sale, but I asked if I could get them anyway. In the end they gave them to me. I then tried to have them dyed, but the only way was to make them black and so I decided to wear them as they were, in two different colors. Since that moment it has become a habit, I always wear them like this “. And as far as socks are concerned,
“The shoes of different colors also influence the socks which, often, I combine with the shoe, finding myself with the unpaired pair. Without knowing it, I created a trend ”.

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