In addition to being one of the most beloved actresses in our country, Lina Morgan had a lot of money and power. The star killed Angelines Lopez Segovia – Her real name – because, for her, the public always came first. To such an extent that her last days were spent locked up in her house; she didn’t want her to remember her emaciated and in her lowest hours.
The La 1 program Lazos de sangre did a disservice to her image a few days ago with a debate on the comedian and vedette who showed her as arrogant, tyrannical, fond of bingo and socially hermetic, hence she guarded her life with excessive suspicion sentimental and private.
And if that was not enough,her universal heir, ultimately driver and right-hand man, Daniel Pontes, revealed that, after the artist died on August 20, 2015, there was very little left of her millionaire inheritance. “I keep the apartment (290 square meters located in the Nino Jesus neighborhood), I don’t leave more than two million euros,” he explained, adding that part of the money had been spent in recent years on paying for his illness. , and that about 70% had to be paid to the Treasury because he was not the direct heir of the actress. These goods did not change Pontes’ life at all, which is as modest as ever in an apartment in Alcorcon, where he lives with his daughters.

Jesus Garcia Orts, author of De Angelines a excelentisima senora, the updated biography of Lina Morgan, recounted that she went from the poverty of her childhood to earning 190,000 euros per episode at Hostal Royal Manzanares.
Lina Morgan was born at number 4 Don Pedro Street, on March 20, 1937. Her family, of very humble origins, was linked to the neighborhood of La Latina. On Calle de Toledo, his father, Emilio Lopez, worked as an officer at the Roldan tailor shop. Meanwhile, Julia Serrano, her mother, took care of her five children: Emilio, Julio, Julia, Lina and Jose Luis. All the brothers went to a public school, where they had to bring a chair from home to sit down. As the family economy was not too good, the little ones collected cardboard and glass, which they later sold to bring some money to their parents.
Lina always liked the artistic world. At age 11, she convinced her parents to let her enroll in Karen Taft’s classical dance academy. At 13 she entered the children’s company Los chavalillos de Espana,with whom I get to make a theatrical tour. Lina announced at home: “I want to be in the theater.” His mother winced, but his father supported him. “Leave her,” he said. That parental permission was the starting signal for a successful career linked to the theater.

At the age of 16, Lina made her debut in La Latina as a supporting dancer in the company of Matias Colsada, owner of the theater. His contract included a chocolate snack with buns.
In 1953 he charged 30 dollars in La Latina. With his salary he bought his brother Jose Luis his first suit. At that time, Lina already dreamed of buying the theater one day. Only 25 years later he rented it and in 1983 he was finally able to buy it, as he had predicted. Cost 127 million pesetas.
The first leading role was offered to him by businessman Colsada in 1956, in Women or Goddesses. She then decided to change her name to Lina Morgan. Lina for Angelines, and Morgan for the pirate Morgan.
His rise to fame came in 1964, sharing the poster with Juanito Navarro.It was then that she realized the affection that people had for a character created to her measure: a simple and innocent girl, who when she bizarrely moved her legs, arms and eyes, left the public dazzled.
The theater filled up night after night. The huge lines that formed at the entrance of La Latina were comparable to those of Sara Montiel at the Rialto or Celia Gamez at the Pavon Theater.
I idealize his father and his brother Jose Luis a lot,I compared all the men with them, I was looking for a partner who was like both of them, and comparisons are never good”, Garcia Orts points out about their intimacy. It has been said that he was homosexual, bisexual and even that he always safeguarded his life so much that for this reason so little is known about him.
She only had one recognized boyfriend as a teenager, the actor Manolo Zarzo

The actor Manolo Zarzo was her only recognized boyfriend;a teenage relationship. Others say that he had his men, rich and renowned as well. According to what is said, among them were the bullfighting manager Jose Antonio Martinez Uranga, the producer Julian Esteban who contracted her for seven films, there was also a soccer player, a businessman, the son of a tenor... Photos of the actress with her boyfriends were never published. They do not exist. To such an extent he took his discretion before the media.

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