Penalty area sniper , punctual battering ram with his head-offs or forays on the edge of the offside, Klose, born in Opole , Poland, in 1978, moved to Kusel, with Pope Jozef and mother Barbara, in 1986. He started in the local team of Blaubach-Diedelkopf, from here began his relationship of “addiction” with the network, with the goal and the exultation: 339 goals in total between Homburg, Kaiserslauter, Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich, Lazio and German national football team , a slew of shotgun goalkeepers and above all the record for the absolute best scorer in the history of the World Cup, with 16 goals .
Better than Ronaldo , stopped at 15 goals , better than the compatriot I knowGerd Muller with his 14 goals ; more lethal than the French Fontaine (13 creations in a single edition, Sweden 1958) or Pele . A milestone reached on July 8, 2014 , during the World Cup in Brazil , in the semifinal that has gone down in history for the 7-1 that the Germans gave to the hosts. A call-up caught in extremis at the age of 36 , the fourth participation in a final phase for the Polish-born striker who, since his debut, in Korea and Japan in 2002 , has presented himself to the world proving to be “uber Alles” .
Above everything and everyone, he who looks at the others from above, from his imperious and lethal header: in the first inaugural, against Saudi Arabia , Klose scores three goals with as many head shots . Ireland and Cameroon also bend to his detachment from him, so Miro closes the 2002 edition with five achievements. We have to wait for the 2006 World Cup, at home, to see the first goal scored by foot: double, in the opening match against Costa Rica and two other goals also against Ecuador . He ends that year with a goal (obviously with a header) against Argentina.
Klose does not stop and at the top of his career, he is also called up for South Africa 2010 :there are four goals with Australia, England and Argentina twice , forced to succumb. With 14 goals scored in three World Cups and Ronaldo reached the top, it is in the house of the Phenomenon that Klose completes the comeback: in the triumph of Germany that raises the World Cup there is also room for personal glory. The goal scored against Ghana is only the prelude to the sixteenth goal scored against Selecao in the defeat gone down in history as Mineirazo .
He climbed to the top of the world with the jersey of his national team, he scored 71 goals in 131 matches and from here his new adventure as an assistant restarts alongside coach Joachim Low . On the federation’s website he said:
In the national team I celebrated my greatest successes, which I will never forget. I like to come back to Dfb: I wanted to stay in the streets, but do it with a new perspective, that of a coach who reads the game, develops strategies and tactics. Thanks to Low for the opportunity
Welcome back, Miro! Miroslav #Klose returns to #DieMannschaft to begin his coaching career with a #DFB trainee program. More to follow…
– Germany (@DFB_Team_EN) November 1, 2016

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