Announced in 2021, The Cuphead Show, that is, the television series based on the iconic platform game Cuphead, will arrive on the Netflix catalog on February 18. Produced by Studio MDHR, it will have 11 episodes in its first season and will explore the relationship between the brothers, as well as their conflicts with other characters. In the production team stand out: CJ Kettler, representing King Feature, the creators of the video game, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, and the production of Dave Wasson and Adam Paloian.

Make deals with the Devil
Based on the award-winning game, The Cuphead Show follows the unique misadventures of lovable, impulsive rogue Cuphead and his cautious, but easily influenced brother Mugman. In the video game, which became famous among other reasons for its difficulty and for bringing a drawing style that refers to the classic animation of the 1930s, two brothers are forced to do business with the Devil.
In the case of the Netflix animated series, we will have a combination of the original and new elements. Aesthetically, The Cuphead Show follows a proposal similar to that of the games, the characters and scenarios in high definition, but obviously, it is a production for another medium and it needs some extra. For its original version, it will feature the voices of actors Tru Valentino (Fast & Furious – Asphalt Spies) as Cuphead and Wayne Brady (Black Lightning) as King Dice. In June 2021, the first teaser for the animated series was released and now the network is releasing a new trailer showing the characters on Inkwell Island, facing some villains, including The Devil and his right-hand man, King Dice.

Netflix adaptations
Netflix’s relationship with game adaptations is outstanding in most cases. Recently, for example, Arcane has been released, a series set in the League of Legends universe that has won the affection of both the fans of the title, as well as many people who have never played it in their lives. Even further back, there is no way to forget about Castlevania, the magnificent series inspired by the Konami franchise. Surprisingly, we are talking about one of the best game adaptations in history, with excellent characters, impressive animations and an unforgettable story. In any case, the Cuphead Show episodes arrive on Netflix on February 18, while the game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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