Just a few hours after the entry into force on Sunday at midnight of the mandatory Covid passport in Andalusia to access nightlife and hospitality venues, the request for more information and the request to download the certificate that proves that you are in Possession of the complete vaccination schedule had an unfortunate consequence, but no less logical for that. The Salud Responde website of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) collapsed and since then it has been difficult to access it for any reason, even if it has nothing to do with the coronavirus, when almost 48 hours have passed since the entry into force of the rule.
And it is that the fact that from 00:00 hours on Monday, December 20, it is a sine qua non condition to present the passport in nightlife venues, bars and restaurants has caught many citizens by surprise who did not request it in their moment and that now they want to have it in order to continue guaranteeing entry to restaurants, nightclubs, dance halls and other situations of collective leisure.
But the blocking of the SAS website is not the only consequence that the entry into force of said document has brought. According to data announced this Tuesday by the spokesman for the Andalusian Government, Elias Bendodo, a total of 5,481 adults took the step to get vaccinated in Andalusia on Monday, that is, the day the Covid passport began to be implanted in bars and nightlife.
The increase in new vaccinated has been highly celebrated by the Andalusian Government. “The Covid Certificate is welcome if it is the main reason for these people to make an appointment for the first dose,” said Bendodo, who also pointed out that, although they would have preferred that the main reason be responsibility, “it seems that it has had much more acceptance the possibility of entering the nightlife or restoration, be welcome”.
In the community there are still 446,972 people of vaccination age who have not done so, so they continue to be the main objective of the Board, which asks them to do so, not for themselves, but for the rest of society and for their family.
The Covid passport is mandatory to enter the interior spaces of hospitality, leisure and recreation establishments in Andalusia until next January 15 after the publication in the BOJA of the order. After receiving the approval of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), the Board adopts as a preventive measure that to access a restaurant or entertainment venue it is necessary to prove that the complete vaccination schedule has been received; have a negative diagnostic test performed in the last 72 hours if it is PCR and 48 hours if it is an antigen test; or that the coronavirus has been overcome in the last six months, for which it will be necessary to demonstrate having been diagnosed as a confirmed case 11 days ago or more, by means of a PCR test.
These measures had been requested by hoteliers as preferable to the application of time or capacity restrictions. In the order there is also no reference to the terraces or to the exterior of these establishments, although the Minister of Health and Families, Jesus Aguirre, has said that he believes that most establishments will also ask for a passport to enter the terraces.

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