The Court of Seville has asked the Police to locate Yasmina VA , who must be tried on the 22nd for a crime of fraud in the sale of Reborn or hyperrealistic dolls.The woman did not appear for the first trial in November 2019, in May 2020 the hearing was suspended due to Covid and now she does not collect the court summons.
Yasmina has numerous convictions for minor fraud crimes in the sale of these dolls but she now faces two years in prison and the payment of a fine of 3,000 euros.
She is accused because in May 2017 she advertised a Reborn doll for 850 euros on the Milanuncios website. The victim, a resident of Utrera, paid for it but what he later received by mail was an industrially manufactured doll “of much lesser value.”
The defendant has three criminal records for identical scams : in June 2017 she was sentenced in Mostoles (Madrid) to a 45-day fine; in May 2017 in Burgos, a one-month fine and in June 2017, a three-month fine in Salamanca.
Yasmina is unaccounted for and the Official Gazette of the Province of Seville has published in recent months several convictions against her for minor crimes of fraud.
Social networks and those affected who have attended television programsThey have warned against her for years as “the great scammer of reborn dolls” : she demands payment in advance, which is not made in her name, and then she does not send the doll and blames her loss on the courier company.On some occasions he sells his dolls under the name of Los Reyes Magos.
The crimes of which she is accused are no longer minor and now she faces a request from the prosecutor for two years in prison and a fine of ten months with a fee of 10 euros, which is equivalent to 3,000 euros. In the event that she continues without collecting the citations, she faces the possibility that the Fourth Section of the Seville Court issues a search and arrest warrant against her.
Reborn dolls have a high emotional charge, because sometimes they are given to children who do not have siblings or they are bought by women who have lost their babies or who no longer have their children at home. They are also used in nursing homes as a therapy in some cognitive impairment diseases such as Alzheimer’s, since they calm the elderly when they sing or rock them.

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